What Would You Do If Someone Copied Your Site?

Years ago I made a news website for a client. Now they have realized another entity has taken the styles, logo, colors (everything) and made their own website. Just another name in another city.

Maybe in my country there is nothing we can do.

If this happens to you, what would you do? (I understand laws are quite different around the world)

Get a good IP lawyer who works based on no cure no pay / no contingent fee.

Not sure where you are located, but usually you can file a DMCA with Google (to exclude them from search) and file a DMCA takedown(here is how it looks on DigitalOcean) with their host as well so they shut down the site. If you do not know here the site is hosted, you can use HostingChecker to find out.

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They are hosted at Hetzner.

Are this online documents really useful in your countries? In terms of law, my country is so bad.

Give them a call, you will get one of their assistants, but those are fine for such a small case.


Hetzner is in Germany and they have pretty hard copyright law. File this form Abuse — formular


All from Lisbon, Portugal. Nice!

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Hi @imok - @GeorgeG is right. :slight_smile: Thanks, GeorgeG for giving him the direct link to the abuse form! You beat me to it. :wink: --Katie


Better call Saul.