What Web Panel Should I Use?

Hi, I just got a vps and I can choose between directadmin and webuzo with my provider. This is for my personal blog website, what do you recommend?

DirectAdmin. Especially since it’s free at BuyVM.

Between just those two, DA

Of course, you can install any panel yourself.

My personal favorites are Webmin and ISPconfig, both for different reasons.

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If it is for personal, use webuzo. For commercial, use Directadmin.

Directarse AKA DA is the only choice.

For personal blogs etc, I never bother with a panel at all, I don’t see the point :smile:


It’s also free @ Clouvider and some of our Customers ;-).

DA definitely recommended, good, mature product with a great team behind it!

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I do this. And for any custom setups not just personal projects. No need to have the overheads of a control panel system for 1 website which does 1 thing, I prefer the just tune nginx/etc myself.

Multiple sites with multiple end users, then DirectAdmin wins.


I agrees Webuzzo is enough for personal usage. No need to pay through the ringer for a multi user panel if your not going to have say multi users duh.

Webuzo is from the same - excuse my language - idiots who develop Virtualizor. I wouldn’t trust the product to be good.

What’s appears to be the issue with Virtualizor? As I admit here the docs can be lacking from times, though bothering it still delivers. A standing provider just went from SolusVM>Virtualizor on Web Hosting Talk and they went pretty smoothly and much like the transition.

If only between the two, I’d give DA a shot :slight_smile:

It’s awful to use from both customer’s and provider’s side, IPv6 implementation is broken, it looks ugly, there’s a lot of bugs present. And while I haven’t experienced it first hand, people told me that the support is clueless.

Gotcha, it doesn’t looks much better in SolusVM’s side though. With their “promise” of rolling out 2.0 for literal years now. Among as you mentioned with Virtualizor, plenty of half butt feature implementations and bugs.

I scooped up a dedicated unit for this purpose about a week ago as I am investigating offering VPS services. Before this was even mentioned I was and going to continue testing my deployment to make sure it’s actually “ready for the streets”. If it proves to me that the software is indeed very idiotic and I cannot work with them to resolve it, then I will have to just cut my losses as “research” expenses.

Very upsetting that this could very well the be the case as with most “off the shelf” software solutions. As they say sometimes if you want it “done right” you gotta do it yourself.

Why not DA :smiley:

I decided to go with Webuzo. My host helped me with the setup.