What Should My Students Install On Their Lowend VPS?

Hi. I have a vps pool for my students. They get 1 gig of ram, 30 hdd and 1 core. Docker is supported.

What is easy and a little fun to use after install? I thought nextcloud was the right thing but that requires 2gb of ram.

I’ve used this list for inspiration - Maybe you can recommend something from here GitHub - awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted: A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers

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Nextcloud would work just fine on 1 GB of RAM, albeit a bit slower than you might expect. Give it a shot :wink:.

Else you might have them install any other webbased application such as WordPress (which has the benefit of being very well documented for starters).


Do you recommend any tuts for installing wordpress?

If I was asked how to install wordpress… I would say install virtualmin and do it from there.

Indeed, 1 GB works fine for a personal Nextcloud. I’ve even run it on 512 MB, but this assumes a “light OS” such as Debian. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My recommendation would be for each student to find a few applications that interest them from the list below and try to install, configure, and setup the software. Maybe this could be in supplement to a common installation that you all do as a class (i.e. nextcloud, or wordpress, or something). Best way for them to learn is going to be for them to explore and test out new things, and even more so if the subject matter is something they’re interested in :slight_smile:

Edit: wow… I’m blind. Didn’t see you already linked to this page. It’s still early, so I’ll blame my coffee not kicking in yet :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the desired outcome? Just to play or to have a service running that they use and maintain?

If it’s just to play I’d recommend getting them to setup a LAMP stack from scratch with multiple vhosts and seperate users. Would cover just about all the Linux basics doing this.

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Just a bare metallica LEMP stack.

Setup a light desktop environment like LXQT, plus a light torrent client (like Qtransmission), then let them download their preferential porn Linux source-code for learning purposes.

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@FHR I think Mason has the “Internet Archive” disease now.

I’d follow roots’ suggestion, except just how to setup and run a handful of lighter-RAM tools, maybe Python, PHP, etc…

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you have already mentioned kickball github list may be try n1trux’s sysadmin list as well from github

Maybe install a selfhosted gitea server and learn git using it?

Installing gitea should cover some basics (editing files on linux, setting up NGiNX reverse proxy and SSL, using cron for Let’s Encrypt, setting up services on Linux, etc. etc.), and IMO everyone should learn git.

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May I suggest this as a do-what-you-will alternative? The world needs more Blackbeards!

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I thought it was awesome-privacy but yeah, that works too I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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