What SaaS with Pay-as-you-Go Pricing That You Use

maybe there no discussion before about this.
as personal or small business like me, Pay-as-you-Go Pricing model is more affordable.
i like to hear / know what services currently you using that use this pricing model.

start with me,

so far its more affordable than other paid cdn service, but credit will expiry in a year i think after deposit.

good email service and can integrate with laravel, they use pay-as-you-go pricing too, but not charged until now because my usage under 10k/month.

Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr
this currently vm that i use for development, its categorized as saas too right.

Nixstats and HetrixTools.


ah forgot HetrixTools, use this service too, monitoring service that can integrate with slack its awesome.

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Google Cloud and AWS (for dev / calculus)

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