What major projects would you like us to mirror?

Hey All!
As we grow we also want to give back to the Internet community. We are a longstanding mirror of CentOS in London since 2014 but as we grew our international locations we have decided to put up some cool storage servers to turn up more mirrors, globally.

Specs of the mirror box in each location are:
6 Core Intel Xeon E
18 TB Enterprise HDD
1.92 TB Enterprise NVMe
10Gbps uplink

We are going to accelerate the HDD by caching on the NVMe with Open CAS.

Servers are going to go up in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles and we plan to roll out a new server in every location we go to.

So here is the question to the community - what would you like us to mirror?


Awesome idea, by my side I would definitly love one more mirror of ubuntu 20.04 LTS mainly in Frankfurt!



https://deb.sury.org/ - I consider these very useful, however the dev neded to put them behind cloudflare and put some limitations in place because of the amount of traffic.

on top it might be a bit more of a technical challenge, as you might not be able to just use apt-mirro but rather rsync the data. let me know if you are interested to back this and need more information :wink:


I’ve been supporting XCP-ng with some mirrors and I’d appreciate if you could support this great open source project as well:

In addition your mirror will appear on their cool map! :wink:


I am currently supporting https://librespeed.org/ with a few servers. Maybe that’s something you could take a look at.

The world could always use another Archlinux mirror! :wink: I used to host one on a dedi, for myself but that was several years ago

Awesome that you contribute to the Open Source Community :slight_smile:

Another Debian mirror is always cool and MariaDB would be nice as well.

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librespeed is great. I really like how easy it is to run a local version using Docker.

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@Clouvider Was it launched c:? What is on it finnaly?

We have launched Librespeed public servers on a separate set of servers (our speedtest servers) and are currently discussing internally the suggestions for the mirrors. Servers are up and ready :slight_smile:

Oh awesome to hear.

Could you add WineHQ to your list (Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu) because damn… i am getting mad at this mirror sometimes it’s slow it takes 2 hours to install wine and sometimes it’s fast… would love something stable