What is the cheapest per additional IP cost in industry with a VPS or VM?

I see that OVH is offering up to 16 IPs with a base VM for 2 EUR/one-time for the lifetime of VM.

How does it happen? Is OVH owing too much IPv4?

Also, what is the other option in EU that we have for cheapest IP rates even when paid annually?

I could not find anything less than 100 EUR/year for 10 additional IPs, VM cost extra of course.

Anyone else offering 10 IPs at a lower price with VM?


I’m pretty sure it’s because OVH has too many. They are the cheapest as far as I know, but who knows, they could start charging monthly price. VirMach also has so many ip… I literally pay peanuts for a vps with multiple of it.

I understand that we can get a multiple VMs cheaper than additional IPs with current VM. But I am focused on additional IPs here.

What is the price per IP with VirMach when paid annually? Can you ask the price for 10 additional IPs with a base VM, 10-15G Disk, 1core, 1G RAM or 0.5G RAM?

Virmach only gets crazy during special/BF. Normal price for additional IP is $10/year, but I just had a look and they seem to have removed the option to add additional IP in the order form.

Do you think they will give me 10-15% off if I ordered 10 IPs in a bulk in NL?

I just love how OVH does it. But OVH just loves to ban your account when they see your plan to get base VM + additional 16 IPs on it. They want you to buy expensive products.

My friend’s account was blocked without any reason. He submitted copy of passport as ID, paid with legit business Paypal. He is registered in EU too.

It is a reason why he loves Online.net / Scaleway.

You have to ask them, don’t ask me. But why exactly do you need 10+ IP in a single small vm?

Not for spam. Just need it for multiple reasons. Not email either.

Two uses as of yet: Binding multiple users to their own IRC bouncer or VPN. Before you say, yes, we have /64 for each client for bouncer but his clients are buying dedicated v4 so we are offering and it helps with additional personal VPN use too.

Ah, ok. In any case, nothing starts unless you try contacting them by yourself, maybe OVH resellers might lend a helping hand.

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You wont get any which accept one time payment except OVH, they did however swap to one time payments several years ago and reverted it back to monthly payments (for everyone) about a year after. Although it seems to have been running in its current form for a few years now, I won’t be surprised if they pull the same trick again down the road.

You’re probably looking on average $1-$2 per IP per month.

I see. Yes, but one thing I don’t get is why getting an additional IP is expensive vs getting another VM in some cases.

It’s usually not, but you’re looking at the very low end of pricing on servers which means that if they scale additional IP prices to the same level that they scaled that first IP + server, they’ll run out of IPs and have servers leftover, and no profit. You might get a VPS + IP for $1.99/m but selling you an additional IP for $0.01/m isn’t profitable and they’re only making this all up by scale, a scale they won’t reach by basically giving away the IPs. Basically cheap servers are a very calculated move, and if you start selling off pieces of those calculations individually for pennies you’ll break the business plan.

If you’re looking above budget level at more “normal” prices you’ll find IPs to be much cheaper than the servers. Think of someone charging you $50/m for a VPS and $1/m per IP, that IP becomes a fraction of the cost of the server. If they’re discounting the VPS heavily they can’t afford to drop all of the IPs into the heavily discounted server for such an equivalent low price.

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Well said. I have noticed that 1-2 EUR / IP / month is the normal charge for an additional IP.

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@Jarland I just wanted to check whether I paid extra or more for 11 IPs + 0.5G RAM, 1core, 10G disk VM in EU or not.

I got a fair deal for 122 EUR/year only.

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Not bat at all

Thanks. Kindly close this thread.

It’s a good deal. I just wouldn’t count on it being available 12-18mos down the line.

Are you referring to the OVH additional IP deal?

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