What do you use to monitor servers/VPS/sites/etc?

Paid hosted service? Self hosted app? etc?

I’ve tried many different solutions, and none of them quite compare to Hetrix Tools :slight_smile:



Thanks, going to try it out. Their free tier is quite generous too!

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I am currently using https://uptimerobot.com

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Both Hetrix Tools and Uptime Robot.

Uptime robot here as well

I’ve read good things about Hetrix Tools but never given them a go :slight_smile:

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Hetrix Tools and Freshping.

Hetrix Tools have been working great for me.

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Same. 1 or 5 minute intervals do not matter for me and I only need https/ping

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Switched to Hetrix from UptimeRobot, I like Hetrix better, but UptimeRobot was fine.

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We mostly use Naemon + gearman for 500+ services. I guess it is considered a bit old-fashioned these days, but we’ve written quite a lot of scripts over the years to check things like the % of monthly VPS bandwidth usage, secondary DNS AXFR status, HVAC system status, and so on. Migrating all this would be a pain.

For server availability (like alerts on our Naemon server), we use both Hetrix Tools and Uptime Robot.

I use UptimeRobot as main and HetrixTools as backup, for selfhosted things i need prometheus + grafana