What are you doing right now? - Personal Projects Showcase

So, this has actually been an idea of mine for a while and I thought I’d just give it a go now.
We have a very interesting and creative community here and it is often very exciting to hear and find out what projects you guys are working on in your free time. To give an example, @Solaire is currently experiencing the joy of networking a (big?) garden with UI routers (I haven’t heard about them before and it’s cool to follow along). @Unixfy actually has a pretty neat personal website and is experiencing with his own IPv6 Subnet as well as working on some cool hosting project afaik. Furthermore he deals with the ins and outs of handling online education which - in times like these and as an aspiring teacher - I find quite interesting. @FlamesRunner although I don’t entirely remember, is working on some integration of DA and having fun with DA documentation of API (pun intended). @WSS although always trolling me and the whole lot actually is building a lot of stuff irl, I feel. Working on the house interior and other stuff. Something I don’t have much experience with (yet) and would also love to see more about.

What I am saying is: There are many amazing and interesting people here and I’d enjoy hearing more about what you guys are up to. So, if you don’t mind, feel free to share your personal projects you are currently working on.

As for me, I am currently trying to find a (new) use case for my Raspberry Pi 3B+ browsing sites like these:
So, if you have any idea where I could learn smth in the process feel free to suggest smth.


Great idea to start a thread dedicated to this! Posts in the ball pit are easy to overlook.

As for my garden project, I’m basically still working on creating a proper network in the house. I’ve gotten myself an EdgeRouter X that I want to put next to my ISP’s router. Unfortunately that router doesn’t support bridging (and won’t due to Iptv) so I’m trying to get the Edgerouter to behave as a switch plus router where it switches the network of the ISP router and routes the VLAN networks. Intention is to have three VLANs, one regular one, one for guests and one for domotica. For now I’ve put isolation mode on for the guest and domotica network in the access points which works fine, but I want my SmartTV on a different network as well, plus more fine grained control over these networks (firewall). Mainly because I don’t want the domotica to take control over my network and secondly because I just learn a lot from doing this (I haven’t touched networking for half a decade or so). I’ll replace my two unmanaged switches with managed ones later (still undecided on the brand)

And yeah, WiFi is shit in the garden so I’ll get another access point for outside or the barn in the back of the garden. Our garden isn’t necessarily big (50 square meters or so), but WiFi signals just don’t get out of the house due to isolation and while the 2.4 Ghz network does have some reception outside it’s pretty whacky and drops every so often.


Still waiting for my EDGEROUTER, that got delayed because of #CORONA to setup DUEL WAN.
Gonna be good.

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Thanks for the mention! Yeah, it’s more of a frontend to @Jarland’s MXRoute reseller service which makes things a little easier for users (ex: DKIM keys are available in one click, rather than in DA having to switch your domain, go to the DNS manager and locate the key).

Since the interface I’m producing doesn’t itself perform any actions (creating domains, etc), calling it an integration is probably more accurate :slight_smile:


Great to hear updates about your project hehe :smiley: I’ve never heard of the Ubiquity router/ap/repeater line before but when I have to buy some new ones I’ll definitly keep it in mind. The Unify AP looks pretty cool (futuristic). Keep us updated and good luck with the garden/networking project! And yeah, a whacky 2.4 Ghz is a pita indeed.

@Neoon Ouch. Hopefully it arrives soon :slight_smile:

@FlamesRunner Sure thing! Pretty cool project :slight_smile: I’m sure many people will be happy when it’s finished. Keep the good work up!

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By my side i am working on my website as you know :stuck_out_tongue:

And sidely i am mainly looking on what i could print on my 3d printer if you have ideas you can throw them out to me C:

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Uhh…a 3D printer. Sounds cool. I’ll think of smth :slight_smile:

No intention to advertise my service. but for past 3 months I’ve been working on WHMCS module that works with libvrit through ssh2 (libssh2) and with current lockdown and a lot of spare time I’m glad its now in stable state up and running and managing a couple of nodes . I called it Wolfixy.
currently it has basic features like power control, statistics reporting, graphs generation, iPXE support, Webconsole, Custom ISO mountig

I’ve got a couple of ideas from @Neoon php script to assign DHCP and ipv6 radvd posted here a while ago.

Backend scripts that do stats logging/graph generation in node are mostly php cli scripts (not the best tool used I know but quite comfortable with my web dev skills) .


A nice steer for a bike or car :slight_smile:

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I bit the bullet. Ordered the Unifi AP-AC-M and 2x NETGEAR GS108E. Draft network architecture included below.

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Christmas is a long way away, but one of our team members made this a few years ago: https://twitter.com/Hetzner_Online/status/1073113530977652736 --Katie

wait that’s acutally a fucking good idea. :o

I will design something like this now i simply need to create my new logo at first :C

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a nice steer? didn’t exactly understood what you thought off c: any details ?

It was a joke…

Typically things you wouldn’t 3D-print for safety resasons…

Steers, brake pedals, bungee knotbones… :slight_smile:

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I bought a 1982 Pontiac Acadian in the early 90’s for $200. Snapped the steering wheel in half from my rage against the QEW traffic after about 2 months commuting. I drove with half (bottom) a steering wheel, and a hood that was welded shut for about another 18 months. It was my batmobile steering wheel. It was the Old Dirty Cajun. It succumbed in the parking lot at the Fairway Inn in Kitchener, during Oktoberfest, with a half keg of Czechvar and my old goalie pads in the back. Never forget.


Right now, refreshing my iOS/Mac dev knowledge, looking at a Web development course, and working out prices for building a hackintosh (although I need to wait till I have enough cash from my ex)


Pretty cool stuff :smiley:

Colt Steele is one of my favourite Udemy instructors (the Web Developer Boot Camp from him at Udemy is great!). He is offering a free introductury course on YouTube right now. Don’t know how far in you are already but he is great. Check him out if you want (11 video YouTube Playlist): Colt’s Code Camp (Learn Coding From Scratch)Colt's Code Camp (Learn Coding From Scratch) - YouTube

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guard tarasis = sane else {

Swift is pretty rough, still. It gets a bit getting used to but overall it’s okay. Just tons of issues / bugs that are never sorted but that goes for Apple products in general.

Cheers. Haven’t bought either him or Angela Wu (who I was more looking at). Had watched the preview vids on the course, but that YouTube playlist will be helpful to get a better feel for his style. So thank you

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