West Coast US Dedi for Less Than $65?

Hi, does anyone know where I can find a high value west coast server at <$65 a month?

Broadwell xeon with iGPU, 6th gen i5/i7, 7th gen i3 or higher.
8GB ram
200Mbit port uplink, decent latency to Australia preferred
300Mbit downlink
5 TB bandwidth

Looking to host a backend for an exotic chicken community and the main problem is finding a provider with iGPU (used to identify feathers and breed, taxes CPU too much without iGPU).

There’s GThost - but I think their downlink is limited to 200Mbit.
Reliable Site is too expensive ($79), though perfect.

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Not sure OVH US network is improved. You can consider them too as just 69$ for INF.

you’ll find the Majority of server boards disabled iGPU, that is why you’re facing struggle. Your best bet would be to perhaps find a host that deals with consumer grade hardware as these boards are more likely to allow the use of iGPU.

We don’t have any desktop-grade hardware in our LA location.

Maybe try WebNX. They might have a server with a GPU available, but it probably won’t be for less than $65.