Welcome, LET Refugees

Hey everyone,

As all of us know, Jon promised one thing:


Two hours ago, those "changes" materialized into Brendan being demoted with no prior warning. This leaves us with a staff "team" whose core principles are democracy and fairness.

Jon does own the forum so I can’t complain about it being unfair (he has every right to change X about the forum) . What I can do, though, is say that he is one hell of a douche. He clearly doesn’t value any of his commitments – we’ve seen it happen before and it’s only going to continue happening.

With that said, I would like to welcome any new members to HostedTalk/HostBalls – we are a friendly community that actually values feedback from members and follows a more democratic process when making major changes.

Tl;DR: Welcome and enjoy your time here <3


NOTE: I don’t run or control HB/HT – thanks @Jarland for actually keeping things together!


Hell, jbiloh really knows how to drive people away.

So, our valued admin Trewq had to go. But some a__hole who just so happens to be a pal of jbiloh can stay and put out offers for his next 10 fake companies?

Being at it, I join in thanking @Jarland for hostballs and for being a good host who actually cares about us.


Glad you’re enjoying this place. In keeping with tradition, let’s just make sure this isn’t a place to totally trash on LEB/T. A few jabs will do fine if necessary, I just don’t want to be “the disgruntled former LET member” forum you know, let’s be new versions of ourselves here :slight_smile:


shit happens. sorry to see you get caught in the crossfire @Brendan

now how about another shit-cheap offer hostballs exclusive… like comparable to the BF one which I sadly missed. as we are a small community you can limit it like last time but to make sure everything is as it should be, let’s just have a 4-eye check first - my PM box is waiting :wink:

LET will just die now, why remove the best person to help you. Clearly someone doesn’t know what they are doing and is trying to change LEB more than LET.

I’m new here. Someone said you get a cookie if you join Hostedtalk, wheres my cookie?


Check your browser. :wink:


A wild panda appears!

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes it does, pandas don’t like change, but this wild panda was forced into it. :joy:

Thanks :slight_smile:

LET is in an interesting state right now. One that was coming with or without Jon’s intervention. I’ll reserve most of my comments on the matter, but things sure are looking gloomy.

LET must seem like a very hostile and confusing place for anyone new that stumbles on it in recent days. I’m not sure what I would make of the place if I didn’t know anything about LE*'s history and had just joined. My first impressions wouldn’t be good, that’s for sure lol


LET refugees pronouncing HT as HostLETalk :smile:

Hello, discount coupon for joining BallsTalk for LET refugees? @Jarland


not very active LET user, random lurking random rare post. But hasn’t there always been some drama going on at LET ownership etc. and ties with many companies etc.?

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Yeah ever since Joel sold it and ownership was kept secret for a very long time, trust was never quite restored among the user base.

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Damn. That’s never good for a public forum. I can think of one another public forum which is completely run by a few providers and they push out everyone else.

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I’ve always wondered, is the original owner “LowEndAdmin” still active in the community but under another name?

I assume you know who they were as you have their real name!

As far as I know Scott isn’t around, but he could be hiding. By now he probably wouldn’t even have to use a VPN or anything, just not reveal himself. The last time he weighed in on LE was in 2013 on Google+:

He gave the site to Joel in 2012 I guess it was, and Joel is the one that sold it to CC.


Thanks for the welcome. Hopefully I’ll be more active here than I was on LET :slight_smile:


Welcome =))

I’ve stopped browsing LET regularly about a week ago and I gotta say it’s been great… I thought it would be more tough to kick the addiction since I’ve had the habit of checking the site countless times per day for a couple years now, but it was surprising really easy after the first day or so. Removed the site from my ‘permanently opened tabs’ and I’ll find myself manually going to the site maybe once every day or two just to check notifications/messages. Easy does it.