Weird Monitor Issues


I purchased a 4K monitor (LG 24UD58 24" 4K IPS LED) a few months ago, and it’s started exhibiting a few really weird signs today…really weird stuff.

It has two HDMI ports (which seem to be fine), and a single DisplayPort. Occasionally, the screen will start displaying complete white with a few honeycomb/circle shapes, and the OSD is also hidden by this; sometimes the screen just goes white and then fades to black, requiring the monitor to be turned off and back on again. However, if I shift + tab + arrow the window off of the 4K monitor onto my secondary monitor, the issue stops (but not always). Then if I move it back after a few seconds, it’ll be fine.

I’ve tried changing the cable and It shouldn’t be the GPU since my secondary monitor (also running via DisplayPort) is absolutely fine (though it’s only 1080P, but at 144Hz).

Does anyone have any ideas? It’s occurring every minute or so.



Sounds like the TCON is dying maybe. Definitely sounds like an RMA situation to me.

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Try swapping the GPU outputs.



Unfortunately, I’ve already tried that.

Interestingly, when the screen fades to black, the power LED also turns off, but the monitor remains on and backlit.



The logicboard is failing.

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Have you installed any updates recently? Could it be a driver issue?



I really can’t imagine it’s a driver issue, though the monitor seemingly works fine over HDMI at 1080P. Heck, at this point I’m willing to give anything a try. I’ll report back once I’ve tried a few things.



I’ve got a strange windows 10 issue that brings up a white bar across my monitor it looks and feels like a hardware problem but isn’t…

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I’ll have certainly learned something new today if it does turn out to be Windows! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been meaning to do a fresh install for a while, so maybe today would be a good time.

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Might be worth updating the firmware for the monitor anyway.



Interestingly, after installing two pieces of software for the monitor (LG Dual Controller and LG OnScreen Control), everything seems to be just fine. Very unusual! Thanks for the advice everyone :slight_smile: Should the issue arise again, I’ll probably RMA it.

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Probably installed a new firmware? IDK how it works at LG but on the Dell side of things, they release firmware updates as they would for any other piece of H/W they sell, and the monitor has the shipped firmware revision included on the label.



And it’s happening again :confused:



I am going to change my opinion now… that doesn’t look like software

I think @WSS is right with logic board

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Don’t you have like 2 years guarantee/warranty or anything similar? If so, I’d send it in and have it swapped for a new one.

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Yeah, I contacted them yesterday, so I’m waiting on a response.



You’re in the UK any way aren’t you? A fault like that would fall within the consumer rights act which covers products with defects for the lifetime of the product (the older it is the harder it is to prove its a defect)…

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I am indeed! Unfortunately, I can’t directly request a repair or whatever through their site, but I’m able to email them to sort it out. I’ll update the thread as and when there’s news :slight_smile:

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Hmm, as I purchased the monitor through a third-party (as refurbished), LG are claiming that their manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover it. Doesn’t seem right to me, but I’ve contacted the seller anyway.

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