Weird behavior of Sony WH-XB900N

So I recently had to wipe my phone. After connecting them to my phone they sounded super flat and perhaps neutral (I always use EQ so I’m not used to neutral sound). I played with Sony Headphones app and Spotify Equalizer but they still sounded flat to me. Moreover using the equalizer in Sony’s app meant switching from LDAC to SBC, which annoyed me as I was able to hear another layer of flatting due to compression. Eventually I disabled Sony’s equalizer, switched to LDAC and used only Spotify’s equalizer.

Some time later I connected the headphones to my PC running Equalizer APO. They sounded awesome. Basically what I was used to - rich bass and highs with receding mids.

Now the weird part comes in. After listening some time on my PC I switched to my phone and to my surprise I felt like my PC equalizer has moved across devices. The sound was much better than the one I was experiencing when I connected the headphones for the first time to my phone. Moreover the both Sony’s app and bluetooth settings show that LDAC is active.

As a side note, during the time I was listening on my PC the phone connected to the headphones for calls only mode (you have to disable the calls mode in Windows to allow for that - AFAIK you can do that by disabling the “headset” audio device in control panel).


For anyone interested: