[Weekly Poll] Personal Data Backups


Here’s a new poll for y’all for the week – how do you handle backups of your personal data? Some people store the entire life digitally and if it were to one day disappear, they’d be devastated. Hopefully most people that fall into this category regularly backup their personal data, but as we all know - that’s not always the case.

I’m wondering the methods / backup locations that you all use to keep your personal data both safe and recoverable.

Select all the backup methods that apply to you. Again, this is for personal data, not necessarily server/business/customer-level data.

  • Another Drive on PC
  • Local NAS Storage
  • External HDD / Time Machine
  • USB Flash Storage
  • Cloud Storage (i.e. Google Drive, ACD, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Friend’s House (i.e. RaspPi colo’d at a friend’s home)
  • Self-hosted Solution (i.e. Nextcloud, Owncloud, etc.)
  • Print & Filing Cabinet
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Something Else
  • No Backups (YOLO)

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I use with syncthing to sync 2-3 folders from my laptop to a rented server, from the server it’s backed up to a hetzner storagebox with borg. I don’t have a lot of data, 60GB at most.

I also have backblaze (the backup solution, not B2) running.


Time Machine & Arq


Rsync the important folders to several dedis for redundancy. Documents I backup to a self hosted gogs git repo. Also I copy everything important to the 3 servers in my basement.


Two or more clouds for family stuff, photos of the kids and all that. Self hosted for things more specific to me only.


Personal NAS for my media collection with raidz2. Family photos and videos are copied to the same NAS, an external HDD at my parents place and to JottaCloud. JottaCloud copies I’ve encrypted with rclone just to make sure no one will accidentally open them.


+1 for arq. I have 3 machines using arq to backup to a local USB hard drive and another copy to Google drive. It is simple, cheap, and works well.



@vovler, you madman!


using google drive with encrypt rclone. work perfectly


Recently got a pCloud 500GB Lifetime account. Wondering if I should backup my files or move them and free up 500GB.

Thinking of getting of getting a 120GB SSD and swapping it with my little brother’s 1TB HDD as he just runs windows+chrome and this way he’d benefit from the SSD’s speed.

Also recently got a few SYS ARM 2TB, one of them with a brand new drive. So I may backup some stuff into that.


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Which one of those categories would backblaze fall under? Cloud services?


I simply don’t feel like backing up trash. I have so many archives from my previous windows installations, literally over 5 years of files that I usually access once a year. I bet I only ‘really’ need about 5-10%.

I need to gain courage to just clean it all, but it’s easier said than done.


Yeah, I’d say cloud services


Didn’t see the self hosted solution option and I can’t modify my vote. I do USB and self hosted.


I think if you hit the “Hide Results” button at the bottom of the poll, it should switch back to where you can select your answers and resubmit.


You’re right. Done.


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