[Weekly Poll] First Programming Language


Nothing Visual about it.


Sinclair BASIC


Never knew BASIC was so popular!


10 clear
20 print “hello”
30 goto 20


Well… It was Lua, used in CompuerCraft, a minecraft mod :sweat_smile:
Then Python & PHP.

Some usage examples of ComputerCraft



In the early years - BASIC, followed by Delphi.


I did IoT with ComputerCraft.

If you enable it in config, ComputerCraft can make outbound network requests. This opens up a large variety of possibilities. For example, clicking an in-game button resulting in a lamp in my room turning on…


Visual Basic. Back in the day that was what we used to make AOL add on software (like aohell).


Basic, on Atari. Old School w. tape storage.


Yeah, cause it was like basic or machine language. I guess some had fortran… but it was not so popular on the home computers.


The first proper computer I managed to put my hands onto was a Sinclair QL. It came with a bunch of manuals, including Sinclair BASIC and QL SuperBASIC ones. Ancient milllennials like me probably have messed with programming on similar machines, that’s my guess


Mmm first I learnt was Pascal (back in 92),

then: COBOL (93), C (93), Java (94), C++ (94), Ruby (01-02), Objective-C (06), Swift


Pascal and Modula-II.


I first learnt COBOL in extension courses at school (1980’s). I had to write the code in squared paper forms at home and then type and compile it on an Apple II with Z80 extension card at school.

Then I’ve got my first PC XT when I started university and started learning Pascal, C, C++ and the always fun Assembly for microprocessor courses.