[Weekly Poll] First Programming Language


What’s the first programming language you ever learned and used?

  • Fortran
  • LISP/Scheme
  • C
  • Bash/shell
  • C++
  • Erlang
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Visual Basic
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Powershell
  • Go
  • Other (write in comments)

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BASIC. Had a microcontroller that used it. (Just noticed it gave the third voter 34% … great maths :slight_smile: )


I remember doing something with Visual Basic 5 when I was around 10 years old… not a useful app though, only labels, images and buttons. I was amazed :joy:


My first “programming” was drawing forms in Microsoft Access 2000 :smiley:


Pretty sure it was BASIC in school, then eventually some PHP


It was PHP for me, ca. 2003/2004.
I haven’t touched the stuff in 8 years :grinning:


Started with Visual Basic .NET on VS 2010 with the help of howtostartprogramming.com, then C#, then PHP/HTML/CSS/JS.

At the university learned the basics of Assembly, Python, C++, Prolog and Java


HTML/CSS :smiley:


Batch files / Basic / VB 4(ish) then moved across to Linux and mostly bash / php


First exposure was VB6 as a kid, nothing much though. When I decided I wanted to learn how to use Linux I was exposed to webhosting first and thus PHP, so I dabbled a little bit with that. Next up, getting on to an actual terminal, I learnt Bash/shell, and went through a phase of being addicted to writing everything I could possibly automate in, so I’d consider that as the first language I “learnt”. Python next, when I actually began to learn a lot more about programming and computer science. Then, C++. It all ends at C++, which I’d consider the “master” language in that thanks to that and a wider understanding of CS, I have cursory knowledge of pretty much every modern language, it’s only really syntax changes for a lot of C based languages, though newer stuff like Go/Rust definitely deviate from that.


BASIC - probably on an Apple IIe at school.


BASIC. no visual though :smiley:


I started off writing batch files for Windows to automate random things. I also tried to make a movie using sleep(t) and a shit ton of echo statements :slight_smile:

That said, I moved on to HTML/CSS (made a monopoly guide lol) and eventually switched to Java/C++/Python for school.

(NodeJS is a joke… I’ll just pretend like it’s not server side JS)

Edit: I tried to write apps for the Vic20 as well but that didn’t work out… lol


BASIC, long before any Visual versions. IIRC it was on an ABC or a DTC (Swedish) system. Syntex checked upon entering and compiled before running. C64 later on, less elegant, but more games available … :wink:


Wow, no batch.


BASIC my first pc was a Tandy TRS 80, then A commodore 64. Real BASIC hell yeah


Logo and BASIC.


Vax-II BASIC (I think around 1985 or so?)


Pascal! :smiley:


Windows Batch or HTML (if it can be considered as a programming lang)