Webtropia opinions?

Hey friends,

I was just curious, how many of you are using Webtropia? They were featured pretty heavily around Black Friday on LET for having the cheapest Ryzen around at the time. A few questions I’m just curious of:

  1. How reliable have they been for you?
  2. How far are you from their servers?
  3. How’s your network connection to them?

No huge reason, just wanting to compare stories. Too often I’ve fallen in love with a provider that everyone else hated, only to find that I just hadn’t experienced the horrors yet.

Ive heard many bad things about their network and Duesseldorf location DC (also they are part of myLoc). They have good pricing but null routing and bad network nightmares as well as some Billing issues Ive heard of keept me from trying. Perhaps it’s paradise on earth there and we’re all missing out. But given Im from Germany this hoster has been a huge red flag for me all the time for no other reason but others experiences.

A bunch of stories is in the Black Friday thread. That’s what kept me from trying

The ryzen servers are a bit of a hit and miss. I’ve had a couple of them since they had that deal but getting rid of the last one now. Two of them had issues all the time were they would not boot anymore after a couple of weeks.

The network is ok for me, about 12ms from Amsterdam. Support is also alright they respond pretty quickly during business hours.

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Webtropia, is meh. ServDiscount is Kimsufi level.

support has been better than what I’d expected before, though I only needed them twice. first time directly after order (christmas special) because the spinning rust had bad sectors and the SSDs were overly worn out, but they changed all of it completly to nearly new ones… second time was about additional IP ordering being broken, which they also fixed in a reasonable timeframe.

so far I have barely production stuff on it, monitoring since about 6 month, so far only very occasional network blips, nothing serious that would be draw back.

I too know all the bad reputation stuff and did not touch them because all of that. anyway, so far I am satisfied, network is quite right at least for europe… will keep this box, I think they’re at least trying hard to improve and increase their reputation :wink: maybe still a long way…