Website for photo album

Can anyone help with information about an open-source basic website for displaying images in directory (and subdirectories as browsing in them). Is there something like this for PHP on Github?

I do not wish to use some complex CMS with database, just display pictures from directories (and subdirectories) as a simple website.

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I’ve used lychee before and it’s worked well. Although it’s not quite what I would want 100% from a gallery script, it’s not bad - and UI/UX is better than a lot of other PHP scripts IMO.

I believe Lychee moved here:
Haven’t tested it myself, looks interesting.

(But I’m looking for an alternative to Google Photos/Apple Photos, with smart indexing, and maybe even face recognition etc.)

OwnPhotos looks promising. Tried getting the Docker running on a vps but didn’t have much luck. Might need to put it on a dedi

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Maybe is something for you?


Thank you for the suggestions so far.

For something really snappy, I’m using . (Had to search for it… using this template for my own site since about a year now and it’s quite fast, not least because of BunnyCDN.)
Although it’s not really the type of script you were searching for.

Got lychee from Docker Hub. Importing 415 photos now. Will report back

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This works very well!, although the $39 nagware every time you access the page is kind of annoying

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30$ one-time fee but I can’t recommend Veno File Manager enough. You can (pre-)view image files in the browser by clicking on them iirc. But you can also try their live demo. No database required. Bought it in what?! 2015 on Codecanyon. Still gets updated and support and improves by the day :slight_smile:

Veno, BeDrive and uCloud are interesting, but none of them have native clients (like NC and SeaFile) or even a protocol (like WebDAV or FTP) to access them through, only via browser. Kinda a deal breaker for most people.

You can setup an FTP account manually for the respective directories on your shared hosting or vps though?

Yes, FTP is a solution, but that is not what I asked for. The thing is that my kids have a very large collection of pictures. I want to put it all on a website (with restricted access like password protection in nginx, and encrypted partition) to be accessed only by my parents. It’s like a Christmas gift for them, because it’s more than a year since I’ve seen them face to face (pandemic restrictions).

So far I have a storage server from Servarica, and it would fit perfectly. I do not wish to use some Wordpress, and upload files through some plugins. I also do not wish to open FTP ports either. I want to keep it simple: a PHP script to display some images in a hierarchy of directories.

So far, from @BBTN seems to be the trick.

Again, thank you for all the suggestions so far. All ideas are interesting, and they may help other people too.


If you are looking for a file manager for image, then filerun may be a solution.

Using this now. Very good, clone the repo and literally 2 lines to edit in config.php. Done
EDIT: It’s a tad slow on directories with lots of files.

Also giving this a whirl:

I use piwigo. It works well for me and my needs… For really really basic needs I use Single File PHP Gallery Single File PHP Gallery 4.11.0



Not sure if this was in reply to me, but I would assume that the permissions and whatnot wouldn’t transfer over. That’s kinda the only issue I have with these solutions, otherwise BeDrive looks beautiful (it’s like Google Drive, but better). WebDAV or FTP, and I’m on my way.

Holy moley, bedrive is pricey. For $10/month you can get 2 TB with Google.

And you can get 6TB for $100/year with OneDrive. If you’re selfhosting, you’ll probably make sacrifices somewhere, compared to commercial solutions. Besides, it’s 59 dollars for basically a lifetime license. Along with a BF Storage VPS like HostHatch, the cost might come to less than 10 dollars per month.

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