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I’m wondering, do you guys favor webmail or the use of a desktop app?
Personally, I’ve been trying to use webmail for a while now, specially because the nicer integrations are for the webmail apps only, BUT, it feels to me that a desktop app, like Outlook is just better in everything.

I do monitor multiple email accounts, so that might be why.

Vote and state your reasons.

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Have a few office 365 accounts so a number of outlook licenses so use them :slight_smile: On a mobile an app all the way either Outlook or Nine

I love my Thunderbird. There are cases where a webmail is immensely useful though - I don’t use some email addresses on a regular basis, and therefore it makes zero sense to have them added to Thunderbird.

When I’m travelling and possibly without my personal devices, it also makes sense to be able to get into my mails.

I love a good desktop app but gmail web interface for work and mobile app for the rest, that really consumes the bulk of my time in email.

There are some perks for desktop apps like

  • Ability to view data when offline
  • Native (OS) notifications
  • System tray - so you can minimize it and leave it running in the background
  • Ability to integrate with other desktop applications

However, browsers are advancing very fast and the browser vs desktop gap is shrinking by the day.

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Used to prefer GMail over desktop apps, but ran into issues/limits with some GMail limits on all my dømains/relaying.

Before that only Mutt made email suck less. But lately I discovered Mailmate (mac), it’s so easy and powerful to get full control. No other MUA comes even close, IMHO. (I wish it was available on Linux and iPad …)

I’m using Outlook at work (because I don’t have the choice), but on my personal PC I use Thunderbird.

On the go I rely on (and like) rainloop.

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I prefer desktop client my choice is Thunderbird, but when I do use webmail it’s SOGo quite resource hungry since it more than just a simple webmail.

It’s hard to beat Office 365 current offer.
1TB - Webmail (50GB) - Full office Suite + other perks for like 100/year. The 1TB cloud alone makes it worth it. I used to go around with my laptop and external disks, always worried about backing up the disks, and not letting them fall to to the ground and whatnot.
Onedrive solved that part for me, and Outlook works well.

Outlook Web on the other hand, haves the sync issues, you can’t control when its gonna sync (sync interval) so, it can suck. Last time I checked it was syncing my email once per 1h20m or so…
Don’t know how gmail behaves with syncing external emails…

T-bird on the arch desktops is money, but rainloop has that native mobile ui.
Used K-9 for years on Android but recently moved to Email

We have O365 at work, but meh.
I find it too expensive for my personal needs, and I already have an Office licence (OEM from Amazon, for something like 25€?) - I use mxroute and I’m more than happy for 30$ / 2 years :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and on mobile I’m using AquaMail (android)

Thunderbird on desktop, Gmail (supports other IMAP servers) on Android.

Mmm Apple Mail on phone / iPad. Roundcube generally on computer but occasionally thunderbird

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