WebHorizon - [Clearance Sale] NAT VPS at COST + 5 x 256MB NAT Bundle @ $15!

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We’ve had some unsold stock for NAT VPS, giving that away at cost price (or lower in some cases) at all locations, valid till end of this month. :slight_smile:

VPS - NAT256 (available in Los Angeles, New York, Miami USA | Dronten, Netherlands & Zurich, Switzerland)

  • 4GB NVMe SSD Disk
  • 256MB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 1 vCPU (Fair Use)
  • 1 x /112 IPv6 + 20 IPv4 ports
  • 500GB transfer @ 1Gbps; then unlimited at reduced speed

~~ $7 ~~ ** USD $3.99 / year** use coupon ClearNAT
Order in Los Angeles, USA
Order in New York, USA
Order in Miami, USA ==NEW LOCATION==
Order in Zurich, Switzerland ==NEW LOCATION==
Order in Dronten, Netherlands

Bundle Deal
Get 5 x 256MB location Bundle at just USD $15.5/year - that includes Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Dronten & Zurich locations>>>> Order now


Tokyo Singapore Mumbai
4GB NVMe Disk 4GB Disk 4GB SSD Disk
1 x /112 IPv6 + 20 IPv4 ports 1 x /112 IPv6 + 20 IPv4 ports 1 x /112 IPv6 + 50 IPv4 ports
250GB transfer @ 1Gbps; then reduced speed 500GB transfer @ 1Gbps; then reduced speed 250GB transfer @ 1Gbps; then reduced speed
$12 $10 / year $7 $5.8 / year $12 $6.75 / year
NAT VPS [OVZ] | WebHorizon IT Broadband Limited NAT VPS [OVZ] | WebHorizon IT Broadband Limited https://my.webhorizon.in/order/config/index/nat/?group_id=33&pricing_id=365&coupon=N7YVRdNc

Bundle Deal
Order 3 x 256MB APAC location Bundle - Tokyo, Singapore & Mumbai - at $20/year

This is probably the lowest we have ever sell these. Each VPS comes with a nice control panel which supports enabling **tun/tap, NFS, Fuse, and PPP.** **Full Netfilter support** is enabled. Virtualization type is OVZ7. OpenVPN supported. Wireguard Supported. You can reinstall the OS, options include Debian 9 & 10, Ubuntu 18 & 20, CentOS 7 & 8 now. You can also upload your SSH key, so your VMs are set to use keys by default upon reinstall.
  • Support for Domain Forwarding - means you can have your domain served on port 80 & 443. SSL support letsencrypt certificates. :slight_smile:

  • If you want to use them for VPN I highly recommend @Nyr 's script:

OpenVPN: https://github.com/Nyr/openvpn-install
Wireguard: https://github.com/Nyr/wireguard-install

**Looking Glasses** Los Angeles - http://lax.lg.webhorizon.in New York - http://nyc.lg.webhorizon.in Zurich - http://zrh.lg.webhorizon.in Dronten - http://dro.lg.webhorizon.in Singapore - http://sgp3.lg.webhorizon.in Tokyo - http://tyo.lg.webhorizon.in
**Payment Methods**

PayPal payments are available. We recommend using Cards via Stripe Payments.
Also BTC & XMR payments are supported.
Billing currencies: USD, EUR, GBP or INR.

For people living in India/having a card issued in India/billing address in India - Order using INR currency only :slight_smile: - ORDER LINK
INR payment methods:
Razorpay(Cards, UPI, Netbanking, GooglePay etc), Stripe payments.

Thank you for reading.

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