Web & Logo Design Services


Custom Web Design
Custom Logo Design

Web Designs start from 250$, full web-design.
Web Design + WHMCS integration from 350$, full website.
Logo Design start from 20$.

For any questions, you know how to comment


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A quick bug: the label is aligned to the right (I’m guessing that on desktop, it’s inline with the “All web designs are” text):

Edit - you still haven’t gotten someone to fix the English on your site.

The english was never a priority mate, honestly. Everybody gets the idea as it is, however i promised it will be changed. Maybe. You never know :smiley:

About the inline thing, ill make sure its fixed in the next update, thanks!!

Language is always a priority. If I see broken English, I usually lose interest fast.


Sorry for hijacking your thread, but there’s another spot where the content isn’t aligned properly: