Weary of Fantom Networks' "Black Friday"

They literally on another forums saying BLACK FRIDAY - Los Angeles Baremetal Dedicated Servers - DDoS Protection + SSDs without any actual “Black Fridays” dealings.

Same specs, pricing, models, etc.

If I were you, I wouldn’t falls for such “empty” deals and as far as I am aware I am not gonna considers this network going forward. Considering how they just seems to be reeling in more signups and not actually offering anything of values for Black Friday, despite their advert hinting at such.

I’m starting to see some actual deals again but for a while it seemed like Black Friday had become more about marketing and less about deals. Could just be where I spent my time looking.

Exactly but this is taking such a weary path to say the least. Everybody have a fair understanding that Black Friday is about giving away a deal you don’t typically do regularly. If you do it as a matter of fact. So that why I was like “like what? That can’t be a ethical mean to do so”.

To me it’s obvious that they are just trying to get people to sign up just by the phrase “Black Friday”.

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