[Warning] A2 Hosting Ransomware/Outage

Although a bit late and if you are with A2 Hosting you probably have already noticed but it seems like their services have been (partly) infected with ransomware since a couple of days.
If you were looking to host with them or are already there client and not (yet) affected you may consider moving or atleast backing up your data asap.





This answered my initial question

No, we are not owned by Endurance International Group (a large website hosting company that has acquired many smaller companies).

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GlobeImposter, a ransomware strain known to be installd via RDP, may also be the reason why A2 has disabled RDP access to its servers after the attack.

They had RDP accessible over the internet? ಠ_ಠ

One of the first things I do when configuring Windows Server is restrict RDP to a private network or VPN.



Damn. They really do/did.


Web servers mi3-wss1, nl1-wss2, and nl1-wss3 have been recovered and now back online.

I knew it!




Like I always cite.

The end is nigh.

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I believe they shut down all of their Windows servers once they realized what was going on. I’m imagining that all of this means that they have to re-build any number of server boxes from scratch, and then find a way to restore twenty five thousand sites from backup (files, and databases separately, of course).

If you have your backup, then you better to move to new hosting provider than wait for them to recover. It will take a lot of time to recover all your files. Asphostportal can be good consideration for Windows hosting. The other option are hostforlife.eu and Azure.

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I feel bad for them. All things considered I’d have definitely put them in my top 15 list for shared hosting. Fast support, servers not falling under load, all that jazz. These days just not being majorly oversold trash is admirable.


Yeapp… This is big disaster and I’m very sorry to hear all bad experiences here. But, we believe that we always learn from mistake. Although this is BIG provider, we must always have backup on our end. We can never trust 100% our data with them. We always need contingency plans.