VPS Recommendations for TeamSpeak?


I’m looking for vps to install TeamSpeak

The features I am looking for

1GB Ram
1x cpu
5GB Disk
DDOS Protection
Europe location

ddos protection needs to be good
I was looking for ovh game protection if possible.

Welcome! What kind of budget do you have?

The only provider I’m aware of that sells VPS with OVH Game Protection is @MikeA. Others might know different providers though.


@Wolveix Should this not be moved away from the offer category? :wink:

Totally missed that haha, thanks for pointing it out!

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He was banned from my service back in 2018, and drama ensued.

I heard he’s been looking for a VPS on with OVH game firewall ever since.

Edit: Apparently I still have a screenshot in my PM history with him, here is why I banned him - https://i.imgur.com/SRf7uky.png - Thank you Stripe Radar, very nice.


The only other host I’ve tried (besides ExtraVM) that had OVH GAME protection (Infinity Hosting) went tits up a month or two later. So if you find yourself on Mike’s shitlist, then… well… good luck!

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that is not me. if you are going to provide vps please contact

My man, it is literally you :rofl:

If you go through my account verification which requires showing proof of residence or government issued ID copy I will let you order.


@heartles39 - for TS3 you do not need 1Gb RAM. 512 would be more than enough.

@MikeA I meant the photo you took :)) I did not understand what you said

TS3 even runs on a tiny NAT :slight_smile:

Yeah, however NAT would mean no default ports, as client must use one of the ports provided.

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