VPS Choice

Do you have any cheap but relatively high-quality VPS recommendations? My budget is no more than $10 per year, preferably with a large bandwidth and location in East Asia.

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If NAT is fine, I have been happy with Natvps.uk .
If you can add 5$, for 15$ a year and with a little patience you can grab a KVM Budget by GreenCloudVPS who are snappy and frankly just awesome :slight_smile:



IP address nowadays is more expensive than your budget!:disappointed_relieved: Else we could have come to an agreement.

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Thanks, I wiil check it.


I haven’t been following the VirMach saga too closely as of late, but from looking around it seems like they’re back on their feet and doing just fine :smiley: They haven’t been around here in a while, but I’ll tag them anyway in case they feel like poking their head(s) in @VirMach

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I didn’t find a nat vps which the price is lower than $10/year in Natvps.uk, there’s only a £3/quarter UK NAT 256 I have seen.