VPS Choice

Do you have any cheap but relatively high-quality VPS recommendations? My budget is no more than $10 per year, preferably with a large bandwidth and location in East Asia.

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If NAT is fine, I have been happy with Natvps.uk .
If you can add 5$, for 15$ a year and with a little patience you can grab a KVM Budget by GreenCloudVPS who are snappy and frankly just awesome :slight_smile:



IP address nowadays is more expensive than your budget!:disappointed_relieved: Else we could have come to an agreement.

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Thanks, I wiil check it.


I haven’t been following the VirMach saga too closely as of late, but from looking around it seems like they’re back on their feet and doing just fine :smiley: They haven’t been around here in a while, but I’ll tag them anyway in case they feel like poking their head(s) in @VirMach

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I didn’t find a nat vps which the price is lower than $10/year in Natvps.uk, there’s only a £3/quarter UK NAT 256 I have seen.

If you ask me, I’m happy running some of my sites at GTHost.com vps hosting account in Canada.
So far, you will experience great network uptime, and the servers will be fast.

Check kvchosting.net. It is good.