Vote for Better WHMCS Currency Handling

@AnthonySmith (Anthony Smith) has raised a valid concern over on LowEndTalk.

"Hi Folks,

With #brexit looming the exchange rates are going crazy, it is now more important than ever that customers should be able to change currencies in billing systems such as WHMCS.

I am appealing to as many people as possible to take 2 minutes out of your day to vote for this feature: WHMCS Feature Requests - Updating Client Currency on Account - Invoicing Retained with Old Currency.

Right now we cant do it as hosts without screwing our numbers up badly, if you have been a customer paying in rupees for 2 years and I switch you to GBP for example suddenly those 3000 rupee invoices show as the company having taken £3000 instead.

Pretty crazy, it also means customers can end up paying way to much or way to little over time.

Thanks for your time.



WHMCS needs to finally die. I have had nothing but issues with it - stuff like WHMCS sending payment reminders to inactive clients with deleted products.

I’m working on my own panel (billing + virtualization; Vultr-esque) to replace WHMCS + Virtualizor, but that is going to take time…


It’s funny you say that as I’m working on something somewhat similar. It’s no secret that I’m working on a CentminMod Panel, but I’m planning on building in a full billing solution too. Personally, I don’t feel that CPanel and WHMCS should be the “industry standard”.

Regardless of my opinions though, it still stands that WHMCS is the standard and that this is something that should be addressed.


The grand question is: Do they care at all?


They are so far ahead of their competitors that they probably lost incentive to listen.
On the other hand, I’m waiting for an answer from one of their competitors (support dep) for a couple days already, lucky me that I don’t sell hosting otherwise I would be utterly fk’ed… hell, I would probably just suck WHMCS …

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