Voice Announcement Automation

I’m waiting for the next bus in the station. There is a lady announcing the hours and gates on the PA system.

What if the company decides to replace the announcements with an automated system? Do you know any software that does that, as in the airports?

Shouldn’t be hard to create something like that. It’s just curiosity.

Are you absolutely sure it’s not automated? Most systems I’ve seen were.

And yes, it should be pretty simple to do.

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Yes. Saw the girl with the microphone :joy:

We are not “that” advanced in technology over here…


Shit, dude- idiots get arrested for this on YouTube all the time.


There is literally a subgenre of idiots who run TTS on YouTube for SuperShekels, and it reiterates what is said and plays an attached audio clip.


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Seriously, idiots have TTS running on their phones now, and go out to do “Real Life” things while they’re trolled by other idiots.

Also, HTML comments are a great way to bypass restrictions in this retarded forum software.

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