VMSpecialist - Merry Christmas! Some Christmas NVMe/storage offers

Hi all,

Merry Christmas!

Some Christmas offers for you guys. These are all listed here too. I’ll post any updates here too. Features include custom ISO uploads, unlimited reinstalls, noVNC access, 24/7 support, nested virt enabled, etc.

First up KVM NVMe. These are on Clouviders network in New York, Los Angeles and Frankfurt.

And if you need something a little bigger:

Storage VPS - double cores/ram than the standard plans. These are in Hetzners Helsinki DC.

  • 1 2 core (Intel E5 3.5+ghz)
  • 1gb 2gb ECC RAM
  • 1tb HDD
  • 5tb 10tb transfer
  • 1 x IPv4
  • £42.50/year - Order Helsinki

And again, slightly larger

  • 2 4 core (Intel E5 3.5+ghz)
  • 2gb 4gb ECC RAM
  • 2tb HDD
  • 10tb 20tb transfer
  • 1 x IPv4
  • £62.50/year - Order Helsinki

Standard terms apply, but basically

  • No torrenting/anything likely to be classed as copyright infringement.
  • No IRC/other services likely to attract DDoS attacks (we may make exceptions depending on use case).
  • No CPU intensive workloads (crypto, etc).
  • No SPAM

All prices exclude VAT where applicable. Orders are manually approved/checked/etc.

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