VM Specialist - USA Launch! NY and LA NVMe KVM VPS

Hi all, hope everyone is keeping well!

VM Specialist is a small UK based firm specialising in custom spec, manged and unmanaged virtual servers. We’re not out to compete on price, but do offer a competitive service with 24/7 support. More information is on our website - which I’m redeveloping currently to better convoy the services offered.

We’re pleased to annouce our US locations are now available, on Clouviders fantastic network in New York and Los Angeles. These are self/unmanaged and can be managed via our billing panel. noVNC client is available, as well as custom ISO uploading.
We also offer a 99.999% SLA, as well as 24/7 excellent support, and management services if required.

Offer 1

  • 1 core (Intel E series)
  • 1 GiB ECC RAM
  • 15 GiB NVMe storage
  • 2 TiB transfer
  • 1 x IPv4, /64 IPv6
  • £4.50/month - New York - Los Angeles

Offer 2

  • 2 core (Intel E series)
  • 2 GiB ECC RAM
  • 30 GiB NVMe storage
  • 4 TiB transfer
  • 1 x IPv4, /64 IPv6
  • £8.00/month - New York - Los Angeles

TL;DR terms

  • No torrenting/anything likely to be classed as copyright infringement.
  • No IRC/other services likely to attract DDoS attacks (we may make exceptions depending on use case).
  • No CPU intensive workloads (crypto, etc).
  • No SPAM

All prices exclude VAT where applicable. Orders are manually approved/checked/etc.

Thanks for reading!


Congrats on the US launch!

Speaking from experience, you’re on a great network! :slight_smile:

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Clouvider in the UK has been brilliant, and Europe (DE/NL) has been working great too, so I’m confident the US is just as good too. I’m hoping these will be complimented with Atlanta soon too.

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I only have experience with NYC (in addition to UK, of course) so far and it has been absolutely fantastic the past few months

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