VM Specialist - LA/NY US, and Sydney AUS offers /64 IPv6, free DirectAdmin plus more

Hi all!

VM Specialist is a UK based company with a small team, built on over 10 years experience in sysadmin and server management specialising in custom spec and managed VM solutions.

Reasons to choose VM Specialist:

  • Custom ISO support
  • Nested virtualisation enabled
  • High clock speed Xeon processors
  • 24/7 support
  • DDoS protection
  • /64 IPv6 per VM on all locations
  • noVNC access
  • 99.999% SLA
  • Free DirectAdmin (small charge on storage servers for DirectAdmin)

To celebrate having another location, you can use coupon code HT25 for 25% discount on any New York, Los Angeles, or Sydney location (excluding smallest plan).

For example:

  • 1 core (Intel E-series, 3.4ghz+)
  • 2gb ECC RAM
  • 25gb NVMe storage
  • 2tb bandwidth
  • 1 x IPv4, /64 IPv6
  • £5.06/month with coupon HT25

Full range - Sydney
Full range - New York
Full range - Los Angeles

Also, had some demand for higher RAM VMs so there’s some available in UK/DE:

  • 2 core (Intel E-series, 3.4ghz+)
  • 8gb ECC RAM
  • 75gb NVMe storage
  • 7.5tb bandwidth
  • 1 x IPv4, /64 IPv6
  • Free DA available
  • Frankfurt, DE or London, UK
  • £19.75/month - Order Frankfurt - Order London

Also check out our Storage VMs in Helsinki - these include all the features of the NVMe range including /64 IPv6, and DirectAdmin for a reduced fee.

TL;DR terms

  • No torrenting/anything likely to be classed as copyright infringement.
  • No IRC/other services likely to attract DDoS attacks (we can make exceptions depending on use case).
  • No hardware intensive workloads (crypto, etc). If you’re encoding please contact us and we’ll look at whether it will have a negative effect on other users.
  • No SPAM

All prices exclude VAT where applicable. Orders are manually approved/checked/etc. Got custom requirements? Let us know and we’ll try and accomodate. Payment method(s): card via Stripe.

Thanks for reading!

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