VirMach prize received!

I can’t reply in the old thread since it’s closed now:

I just received my prize from @VirMach this week. I got a Ryzen processor, but they were running low on 3950Xs so I ended up receiving a 5900x instead :smiley:

plus some extra goodies in the box, like thermal paste and a Noctua case fan

Thank you @VirMach! :heart:

I’ve got a fun weekend project now. I haven’t built a PC in a long time - My current one is around six years old. I bought a bunch of other parts to finally upgrade it.

No new graphics card, given they’re pretty much impossible to find at retail price at the moment. Someone at work might be giving me their old GTX 1080 Ti for very cheap, as even though it’s old, it’s still an upgrade compared to my current graphics card (Radeon R9 390).


That’s some very sweet and nice VirMach gifts! Biggest giveaway on LET/LES/HB community to date? :smiley:

I never built a PC nor own one before, only used laptops all the way :sweat_smile: - Best device CPU I got is a i5, maybe sometimes in the future I should build one with my dream specs :slight_smile:


damn new 5900x don’t forget to post your new workstation photo

it is indeed

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Wow nice! Congrats.

@VirMach won two prizes for rolling a 1.

I’m curious if @VirMach received his prize.

Right?? I even offered to pay for part of the cost, or the price of shipping (since he sent it via overnight UPS, albeit a short distance from their office in Los Angeles to where I live near San Francisco), but he basically said “it’s a prize, no need to pay”. What a great guy :slight_smile:

That plus the free VPS giveaway… I feel like I owe @VirMach a big favour now :slight_smile:

Can do! It’ll look very similar to my previous build though ( since I’m reusing the same case + generally don’t use any RGB lighting (unless the motherboard has some lights on it… It might!)



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got mine too thanks @virmach :smiley:

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what did you get ?

Congratulations Daniel

That reminded me to reply for my prize…! (Want to swap??)

im waiting for mine too , what was yours ?

You love delays right? :smile:

Not necessarily… I only heard from Virmach just over a week ago…! But to make up for their delayed response, they’re sending me a new harddrive instead of the promised old one!


waiting for lifetime free vm :blush:

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It’s alive!

(excuse the dirty desk… I promise I’ve cleaned it up since then! :stuck_out_tongue: )

The graphics card is a GTX1080Ti someone at work gave me for free :slight_smile:

I realised after building it that I mounted the CPU cooler upside down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ oh well. It’s symmetrical and the fans are clipped on, so it’s not a big deal, the only issue is that the Noctua logo is upside-down.

The outer fan on the cooler is a 120mm Noctua fan, as my RAM wouldn’t have been able to fit with the standard 140mm fan. Unfortunately they don’t have the smaller fans available in black yet :frowning:

I had to hack the bottom drive bay a bit (I have two SATA SSDs in there). It’s usually rotated 90 degrees from this position, which would completely block the lower front fan (which I moved from the back of the case when I installed a new fan in the back). The drive tray isn’t actually designed to sit this way, so I had to line it up with the screw hole for the bottom fan (which I don’t have installed) and screw it in that way.

Definitely runs hotter than my old processor (~35C idle, ~80C under full load on all cores) but apparently that’s common with Ryzens.