VirMach Is Upgrading All VPS to KVM

It seems VirMach is upgrading it’s services to better servers and better virtualization. I just received a notification by e-mail that my servers will be upgraded from OpenVZ6 to KVM with better servers.

Before I post the e-mail, I wish to thank VirMach for it’s great services and offers provided so far. I know VirMach is not registered here, but maybe they will read this one day. Thank you VirMach for trying to upgrade.


Can’t wait for my 1 GB RAM / 20 GB storage box I have with them in Amsterdam for 2$ / year to be migrated to KVM :smile:


You… you… you lucky bstrd :smile:


Just wait until you see this…


BF had good and bad deals at VirMach, the good ones where really limited.
But there was also a lot of shit.

You could get a 2GB KVM for less than 10$/y.
While other providers charged you 25$/y.

Besides, the AUP which limits you quite a lot on CPU usage, that was on the only drawback.

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That will be migrated to OVZ7

Nah, SSD4G is KVM to begin with :wink:



I was joking. I have one too :star_struck:

The weird thing is I have no use for it. It has too much resources for what I need now so I’m only using the smaller ones, which are paid.



Ah… I knew I missed something.

Something tells me that my last ipv4 only backup nameserver is going to die a horrible death.

$ echo -n `uname -srm`" - " && cat /etc/alpine-release
Linux 2.6.32-042stab139.1 x86_64 - 3.10.3

Now I wish I had kept all those VirMach OVZ VPSs I had in the past :smiley:

VirMach right now:

Seriously, I can’t comprehend how they do stuff like this and still keep afloat.


I wish I knew! They’re insane, and I love them for it.


PR like what’s happening now, so months later when a “to be” client considering them. This will probably be relatively favored by Google and etc and before long this will likely drag the negatively down or at least “dampen”. Boosting sales in the process.

It’s like how Starbucks give you filtered water even though most places gives you tap. They hope to make an ROI later by pushing the bar above the norm even if it costs them a LOT of money.

Sometimes this is even giving away a free service to a very very very vocal unsatisfied client, hoping to get a great PR deal out of the ordeal.

That still doesn’t mean I understand how the hell they manage to turn a profit.

(I may, or may not have worked with them on projects at some point in my career.)

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VirMach is so batshit crazy that they give free VPSes to all of us deplorables.


BofV: “What’s the name of your VPS, again?” *clickity-click*

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I am feeling the Pikachu face, since I cancelled my $6/y 512mb ovz.
oh well, a kvm would have been idling too. shrugs

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How did you get it?

Easter egg during last BF.