VaporNode Acquired By SmartHost

VaporNode is now from SmartHost. I received the following email:

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that VaporNode has recently been acquired by SmartHost, LLC ( SmartHost is a Web Hosting & Data Center Services provider, established in 1998, based in Henderson, Nevada, USA, with operations in the US and Europe.

SmartHost operates on the basis of providing very high-level customer service to our clientele, via personalized one-on-one relationships we like to build. I would like to assure you that with SmartHost, you will continue to receive the same level of service VaporNode provided you, if not better. SmartHost will NOT be raising prices, nor changing plans, and we will honor all accounts and deals already in place from VaporNode.

VaporNode clientele will shortly have access to the full SmartHost suite of services including NVME SSD VPS, KVM/OpenVZ VPS, Linux/Windows VPS, Cloud Hosting, Storage VPS, Resource/Reseller Pool VPS, Dedicated Servers, & Co-Location, all available across our multiple service locations. Current service locations include: Jacksonville FL, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX, Las Vegas NV, Piscataway NJ, Denver CO, Boston MA, Buffalo NY, Herndon VA, Chicago IL, London UK, and Amsterdam NL…with more locations planned moving forward, including Seattle WA and Sydney AU.

Over the next few weeks, SmartHost will be migrating your service on to our existing platform. The infrastructure to service the VaporNode client base has been installed and currently ready for service. By default we will be migrating the Florida-based VPS and Shared Hosting services to our nearby Jacksonville FL location. Dedicated Server and Slot Hosting clientele we will be contacting and working with one-on-one individually to arrange for service migration. The existing IP space will be retained, and a hard cut performed for it to point to our Florida location, once the data migration has completed. We hope to make this a smooth process behind the scenes for the client base, by just copying over existing data, and by not changing the IP space. Should you have any interest in being hosted at one of our locations other than Florida, or wish for just a fresh account sooner without data migrated, please do reach out to us, and we can arrange for that to happen.

The VaporNode website(s) and billing/client interface will be redirected to the SmartHost system once the hard cut of the IP space occurs. Your account and service information has been imported into our system, and we are working diligently behind the scenes to get everything configured for you, and begin the data sync. Access details will be emailed to you once your account setup and service configuration has been completed. Once the billing/client system transition is completed, you will need to cancel all your current Paypal subscriptions (which we will attempt to do from our side as well…) with VaporNode, in order to transition to the SmartHost, LLC Paypal payment account. If you wish to pay via automated Paypal subscriptions moving forward, please resign up for that when making your first invoice payment within the SmartHost system. There is a link on the invoices to easily complete this if so desired. SmartHost offers the same Payment methods as VaporNode, as well as several others.

We look forward to servicing the VaporNode client base, and I think in a few months you will get to look back on this and say that this was an acquisition that actually went smoothly and worked out for the best!

If you have any questions at all about the operational changes from the acquisition, or any questions about SmartHost, please do not hesitate to ask! We can be reached via email at [email protected], at which I think you will find us quite responsive.

Shawn M. Arcus
Managing Director

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same here,
any opinion about smarhost?

i never heard about this provider

Interesting turn of events. Never have looked into smarthost or any of their offerings before

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Bumping this thread as I’ve been thinking quite a bit about SmartHost lately.

I never heard of SmartHost before they bought VaporNode. I loved VaporNode and I choose
VaporNode a couple of years ago (great guys, great panel, nice network & location), I didn’t choose SmartHost. I kept my VPS with them and it performs great, but I like to give my money to serious companies or companies I enjoy the work or vision (custom panels or specific privacy-centric policies for example). I see no reason to stay with SmartHost, but no real reason - so far - to leave them.

Are there some users here who have been using them for years? Any long term review about them? How serious are they? Is it a one man show?

The whole Bursnet fiasco is kinda scary and it seems like some serious mistakes have been made. I wouldn’t mind moving my data at some point in the future if need arises, but I’d like to know if some folks here could give me good reasons to stay with SmartHost rather than move to any other host maybe slightly more expensive, but that I know I can trust and to whom I’d feel better giving my money (@Francisco, Vultr…)


Seems like they’ve been company shopping over the years, and a recent one would be the HostMaxim acquisition.

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I’ll gladly take your money, but I’ll at least chime in.

My take on Burstnet is that they lost their way and decided they wanted to move up into new markets without improving the product at all. They kept offering burstnet network/hardware/support, but wanted to charge premium prices.

Now, Burstnet wasn’t bad, they worked well for the market they were in and created. Their probable new market wasn’t overly interested though.

They took on some loanshark level investment guys that had some nasty clauses that allowed them to force Shawn from his position and finally ransack the company for their IP addresses, likely making quite a bit more than they had put into it.

Shawn’s a good guy and works hard. I’m sure he learned that shitty lesson and is more likely than most of the LE hosts to make it out of whatever bad days/years are ahead of us.



Good to read, thanks for chiming in @Francisco!


I think you’d be in good hands with either of us.


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it seems like it is the case, making my decision process even more complicated.

I’ll likely end up using both…

I miss Vapornode. They were great.

SmartHost is doing it fine, but I think I’m going to move to something more powerful, more Ryzen instead of L5640

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Yeah, it was a really nice host, they had a great location as well.

I had a bad first impression with this provider.
my vps was restored with failure and data loss.
It is not the first time that I am with a provider that migrates my vps, so I know that these can be completely transparent and with the least possible loss of data.
in my opinion they made a very hasty migration that did not end well, it may have lacked more planning and communication with users.
in my case I decided to cancel the service within a few weeks and migrate to another provider.

I loved vapornode, the nodes in tampa, the snapshot feature, the support, the dedicated cores, the recurring discount I got in one of their promotions.

I was browsing several dedicated servers for a while, until I recently migrated my stuff to @Francisco on LV DC with block storage slab, while I wait for the Ryzen nodes and block storage in NY to be available.

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I am happy with them :slight_smile:

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Me too. They took a backup of the server and restored it after one or two days in another location. Database was messed up.

I agree. More communication and everything would have ended better.

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Same. But as I really liked Vapornode - and SmartHost clearly doesn’t offer all the features VaporNode was offering: network and location were really nice, and if I initially thought we’d have snapshots it seems like it’s never gonna work - I felt like my impression could be biased. But as I said, VPS with them always worked fine, the node is stable and network has been solid. It seems like this guy is doing is best.

Sure, but “buying” customers is never an easy task, and even more so when you don’t offer them a better service than what they were used to have (custom panel, helpful and friendly support, snapshots…). It’s probably easier if you buy a shitty company with overloaded nodes, crappy network and so on as customers will necessarily get a better service than what they used to have.

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