[US] Boomer.host - $7.95/yr (about 0.66/month)- 1GB ram and dedicated IPv4 & IPv6

Boomer.host offers 100% SSD powered VPS hosting services at an afordable price. The server is colocated in Texas, USA

We utilize OpenVZ 7 virtualization allowing for new OS distribution such as Centos 8 and Debian 10.

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When you order it’s important that you do not use a VPN or proxy

VPS #1

1 Core
1 GB Ram
1 Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
4320 GB Bandwidth @ 100Mbps Uplink

$7.95/yr (about 0.66/month) Order now


2 Core
2 GB Ram
1 Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
8600GB GB Bandwidth @ 100Mbps Uplink

$12.95/yr (about 1.08/month) Order now

Why choose us?

  • 8-10AM support.
  • RAIDed SSD
  • 99,9% uptime.
  • We own our server hardware and colocate it
  • no money-back guarantee

Payment methods?

  • Debit/credit card via Stripe Checkout. (we do not store card information)

Linux OS Distributions?

  • Centos: 7
  • Debian: 10
  • Ubuntu: 20.04

About $0.66 /mo? Boy, you some sort of devil worshiper or something? This here’s’uh gawd country son.

boomering intensifies

This is only one server then?

So lets say hypothetically the entire node went down at 11 AM. Noone will be there to fix it until 8 AM the next day? What kind of disaster recovery plan is available?

What kind of expectations should be set if uptime is 99.9% but support is only available from 8 to 10 AM?

What’s the expected process for downtime and breaking the 99.9% uptime promise if there’s no money back?

Your website says:

Emergency generators with redundant server hardware and monitoring we will try our best to have your site online.

Does this mean you have additional server hardware available (with server monitoring in place) to transfer the data into a new node to maintain uptime targets?

I saw this thread on another website and saw the following screenshot (link to the post here):

Can you please clarify what this means? Does this mean the server itself isn’t monitored? So if there’s a downtime scenario where a disruption of service occurs, is there automated solutions in place to handle this or is there nothing set in place to keep 99.9% uptime?

I’m not writing this to criticize you, but rather to understand what’s behind these guarantees you’re advertising under “Why choose us?” section. I get it these are bare-minimum pricing, like buying a motorcycle and all you get is the wheels, frames, an engine, and a dinky little seat. The target here is to give you what you need to get the job done and nothing else. But from reading your interactions on LET forums, it seems like there’s no hard line drawn as to what to expect when the answer seems to be “well it’s really cheap so you get what you get.” Any way you can ease my concerns?

Cheers on starting a new brand and best of luck.

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redundant server hardware

Just means that we have A+B power, Raided storage etc. If the server breaks the datacenter will be able to take a look at it and provide us with a another server if needed. The uptime targets are simply medians. I wouldn’t expect the server to just completly break.

The server has automatic abuse monitoring and will suspend those who abuse it. It also has pingdom monitor set on a 20min timeout to sms the datacenter staff.