UPLD.IM - No Bullshit Image Hosting

I have been at it for a while but never really felt the need to make it public as I was only using it for my personal projects but now that I have made a new logo which I don’t understand why it’s circles and squares, feel free to use it if anyone needs to ditch imgur.

Suggestions are welcome


I’m open to hosting Adult material so that’s allowed, just don’t troll me with any gross gore or CP

Changelog: 30-04-2019

Chevereto has been successfully updated to 3.13.0.beta.1

Seems nice.
Is it chev?
IIRC @doghouch had a self made some time ago.
Not too sure

yes, it’s chev, I included that in my screenshot above.
Had a license I bought back in 2017 so decided to use it somewhere


I see @doghouch’s site



I’ve been meaning to rewrite it but never got around to finishing the second version.



Just be sure to never trust content based upon the headers. I remember when I wrote my own and some shithead thought they’d try to pass a payload with a valid JPEG header.

It didn’t work, but gotta admit, that was the smartest of the bunch I had seen (other idiots trying to use autocontent types such as ‘image.php.jpg’ learned that it wouldn’t work rather quickly).


that’s why I don’t develop my own ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Not possible – I checked for the image dimensions and moved the image to the CDN in an unconventional way. The production code would (quite literally) copy an image pixel by pixel which allowed me to avoid having EXIF issues (along with an idiot’s payload).

If the image could not be copied over pixel by pixel, I knew for sure that it was not a valid image and the upload would fail.


I’m curious where do you host this? I’ve wanted to do something similar as a hobby to kill some time, but I never got around to do it. The same script is used by malzo.com, but I have no idea who are the owners. I just know it was used to host screenshots for private trackers when someimage.com went offline.

Yeah, I have noticed some people using my site for hosting screenshots for trackers too but I haven’t heard of malzo until now. I do know that empornium has itself own chevereto setup for their screenshots too. other bigger sites like HDB, PTP, RED, GGn and AHD have their custom scripts made for their own users and images only work on their own domains.

I host this site in dataone.nl’s DC. So rack and stack from Dataone, my own hardware and I rent network and ip blocks from SpectraIP. I also run a very young hosting service which is far from perfect but it’s all about privacy so I’m taking my time building it.
The main DC is owned by ecatel so you know they deal with DMCA notices so its safe for me to host screenshots and adult material.


It was about two years ago when a lot of people were using SomeImage to host images and it went down suddenly. I saw uploaders hosting screenshots on Malzo. I don’t think Malzo is as popular as SomeImage was, so you may have a shot with your service at some smaller/niche trackers that don’t self-host. :wink:


Right, it wouldn’t hurt to have more users on my site. Well, let’s see how it goes

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Are you absolutely sure about what you’ve stated ? I’m quite confident to tell you I have some hundreds of gigs of self pics.
Mind if I upload them there ?

what are you doing with hundreds of gigs of self pics, are you the one of those /r/gonewild actors? :thinking:

but sure bring it on :smiling_imp:


had no clue what that was … No, most of those are random pics throughout the years but would be a PITA to sort those who contain personal things like faces and stuff

Now you know what that is, so give it a shot?

It’d be fun using you as a Ginnie pig for vision


Changelog: 30-04-2019

Chevereto has been successfully updated to 3.13.0.beta.1

Without reading much guys from google know me and my family quite well. I just select my grannie and they just proceeded from step N1 forward


Haven’t dealt with or developed self-managed image hosting for years. Gives me nostalgia. Nice project though… Imgur does give me a bad taste in my mouth so I might just hop on.


Welcome aboard :black_heart: