Update Chrome - Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovered

The process only takes a few seconds.


sorry for the double post. delete one of them please.

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Just did. It hurts to reload over 90 tabs…


That explains, why desktop users need 32gig.


Thanks for sharing this Steve, already updated.

I switched back to Firefox last year. Would recommend. There’s not really anything I miss from Chrome.


“Switched back”?
You mean upgraded.

Yeah, that. I didn’t want to sound overly opinionated :stuck_out_tongue:

Firefox is very fast since the “Quantum” release, and I like that it’s maintained by a non-profit entity (Mozilla) whose main purpose is to improve the internet.

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How are the Dev Tools? I’m already used to Chrome ones.

I fully switched from Chrome to Firefox a few years back. Pretty sure the developer tools are nearly identical so you wouldn’t have any issues switching back and forth between the two.

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Yeah dev tools are very similar, and a lot of the addons are the same (eg. if you use React, the React devtools are exactly the same across both browers).

There’s actually some features that the Firefox devtools have that Chrome doesn’t. For example, the Inspector tab (“Elements” in Chrome) has a three-pane layout with DOM, CSS, and computed style. Chrome just has two panes, with computed style in a separate tab.

There’s a few small features missing from the Firefox devtools, but I don’t really miss them in day-to-day work.

Interestingly, devtools were the original reason I used Firefox for dev (and Opera for everything else), back in the Firebug days. At the time, there was nothing like Firebug in any other browser!

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I tried switching back to Firefox for a few days, but it’s actually slower than Chrome on both my laptop and my phone, and ironically it seems to use more system memory. I used to have Firefox as my primary browser about 5 years ago, then eventually switched to Chrome due to a preference with their ecosystem. When Quantum was released, I considered switching again but ultimately decided not to. This thread convinced me to try it again, but honestly it hasn’t been a better experience at all. The mobile UI unfortunately isn’t that great either in my opinion.

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I use Chrome on my phone and laptop, Firefox Quantum on my desktop. Firefox consumes more memory up front, but manages any further resources much better. Chrome requires little for a tab here or there, but goes apeshit past that point. Thus, Chrome for lower end devices, Firefox where it counts.

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Firefox just feels way too slow with how I work, I’ve got anywhere from 20 to 80+ tabs open most of the day across multiple windows. I switched to Brave recently, which is based on Chromium. Got plenty of ram so that hasn’t been an issue.

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