Unadvertised Promo- 32 Core Xeon + 128GB RAM just $209

Ballers…this promotion will be announced soon but I am still waiting on some creative before we can officially launch it. In the mean time, since it is a limited supply promo, I wanted to give you first crack at it. You won’t find it on our site so you will have to ask a Sales Rep for the _Dual E5-2630v3 + 128GB RAM deal on live chat or phone. They will know what to do. Here is the baseline setup and you can add

  • Dual E5-2620 v3 Octa-Core Xeons
  • 240GB SSD
  • 100TB on 1Gbps
  • Only $209 month and as low as $167 if you are willing to prepay for a year. 3 and 6 month prepays fall in between

I know the drive is small but for now this is the deal.

Live Chat now at https://www.hivelocity.net/


Can someone move this to the advertising section? Sorry about that.

Meh doesn’t matter much. Ain’t no WHT here! Moved though :smiley:

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Oh man, this is a beast of a box. Only thing that lets it down is the single, 240G SSD :frowning:

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I hear ya. Open a live chat and lets talk.