Trusted Hosts

  • What makes a trusted host for you?
  • What factor do you consider when selecting a host?
  • Uptime? Support? Price? What is most important to you?
  • not being desperate about selling towards a single target group on a single selling platform
  • clear structure of regular, sustainable offers with some sales bonus every now and then
  • good balance of resources in offers
  • clear communicating of owner name and contact options (address, mail, phone)
  • no hiding behind fancy brandnames with no face while bragging about all the WE ARE PREMIUM wannabe shit
  • reasonable refund policies
  • no imaginery bs limits in tos (e.g. 27.385 % cpu usage for 8.29 minutes etc.)

price is very important of course, support usually not if the performance is matching the price. however I’d rather stay away if it is to good to be true or the 120% off sales reoccur every other week…




First, it’s important to read some reviews. How popular is it. And finally, I want to know how friendly the support is

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Adding to that, you don’t need a fancy 20 staff about us page Or multiple we are this and we are posts to be a reliable provider. It is the ethics and honesty and being logical that counts!!

Fran and Nick are the perfect example of a small team and a super successful business!

Jar and Anthony, the two one man show, that puts many “big team” businesses to shame!

A company with a vision and mission. #Respect


I’ve been doing this so long I’m pretty sure my back has a permanent chair imprint.


Exactly, just ONE person putting his full name and taking responsibility is enough already.

And that’s exactly my minimal expectation.

Never buy any service from small providers who know all your details while you know nada about them.


What Falzo said is berdadero.


To me, a trusted host is the one that works happily ever after.

I only trust providers who earned my trust. @SERIESN for example has been almost brutally honest, Prometheus and AlphaVps have earned the trust of a good friend (whom I trust). @Clouvider is another provider whom I would trust.

I don’t care much whether it’s a one person owner or a company but I do care whether they try to make themselves look bigger than they are. I also look closely whether a promo makes sense or whether it’s probably not sustainable.

I largely agree with what @Falzo said but I would add one point: preferably a provider should have/offer more than 1 location.


A lot of it also boils down to, if someone is open for constructive criticism and ready to handle things with a positive attitude. Specially when an user is providing feedback, that doesn’t benefit him/her directly in the short run.

Multiple location is great. However, it also boils down to multiple locations with 1 servers each or multiple location with couple of nodes. It is easy to fall in the “growth trap” where you see demands, you get it, without being fully stable in your existing locations. Trends are pretty to look at, excitement kicks in when you start seeing daily and hourly signups vs weekly signups. But it is better to play safe and steady, vs fast and rough.

Most of the well known brands here, that I not only respect but admire, always followed the same philosophy. Slow and steady growth.

I have seen way too many horror stories from “businesses” even in regular brick and mortar world, who “expanded” too fast, just to fold down the road.

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(Maybe it’s me not yet being at home here and having clicked something I shouldn’t have clicked, but I did not withdraw my post at least not intentionally and knowingly.)

Edit: It seems I deleted my post by mistake. I restored it now. I apologize for the confusion I created.

Reasonable prices with a track record of stability. Sensible owner / forum rep. Prefer a host who owns hardware/IPs, but depends on the usage.



It’s pretty difficult to add something, Falzo has already covered all the bases as usual

You should show your chair who’s the boss and chisel it with your back


Owns their hardware/IPs, has been around and stable for a while, has reasonable prices.

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