[Transfer] Dedicated Server E3 16GB /28 4xSSD for $35/m

  • Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 Haswell (4 cores / 8 threads @ 3.40 GHz, turbo @ 3.80 GHz)
  • 16GB Hynix DDR3-1600 ECC memory
  • 4x 240GB (1TB) HP Datacenter SSD (newly upgraded 2 months ago for $75)
  • Supermicro IPMI remote management (reboot, KVM & virtual media)
  • /28 subnet . 10 usable
  • 50TB (in+out) @ 1Gbps
  • Install your own OS using IPMI
  • Location: Unreal Datacenter, Kansas city

Provided by Heymman Servers, who has been awesome giving premium unmanaged support .

Renewal price is $35/m and next due date is July 22.

Don’t want to waste my upgrade fees as well as monthly renewed. Just offer me,

All transaction via paypal and give me your full name, email from heymman account for transfer.


Solid box, solid provider :slight_smile:

There’s been a couple network blips since moving to KC from Chicago last month, but nothing too crazy. Whoever picks this up probably has the ability to drop the additional IPs if you don’t need them to save some $.

Good luck with the transfer!

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Thanks. They aren’t lucky at KC.

Despite, they made new SSD upgrade for me with the one time fees and small monthly top-up as HDDs are degrading performance badly with few errors.

Very good support and well informed about their DC issues openly.


I’m definitely interested in this. I’m either looking at this or the $25/m NOCIX server. It looks like the NOCIX CPU has a passmark of <5000, so it’s not really viable for me. I’ll privately message you now @mrclown.

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All done smoothly with @Wolveix