Has anyone been using TinyCP?
It looks pretty light-weigth and clean.

Demo: Check out our live demo - TinyCP

looks interesting! Will check

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Looks good.

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Looks nice: Wonder if it would work for enabling OpenVPN on a small Debian OpenVZ 7 VPS … :thinking:

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Well, it seems to have a built-in VPN function. Give it a try :slight_smile:

I prefer aapanel =))

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The name of this product is enough to get you on several watchlists.


I have also heard about that one a while back. Doesn’t look go bas either :slight_smile:


Our custom security layer over HTTP.
Connection to the IP is now secured.

Yeah, must be totally secure. I’ll pass.

Well, you could always force https I guess.

My point is that no one knowing stuff about security would have said that (the hell is “connection to IP is secure”), so the panel might have a lot of vulnerabilities and https won’t help with that.

Fair enough. Trying it out first in a personal project/test environment prior to using it should be necessary then. I’ll probably give it a spin anyway on Virtualbox first :slight_smile:

Which applies both to TinyCP (Pedobear! Pedobear!) and aapanel (holy shit!)…

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Just tried TinyCP on a small VPS. Adding vhost to apache, it doesn’t seem to add the listener I configuring. (I’m configuring *:some high port, as this is on a NAT VPS.)
I add it in TinyCP GUI, looks OK, but nothing seems to make Apache listen on that port. :thinking:

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Hmm… maybe try it on a Vultr VPS really quick, so you see if NAT or TinyCP is the problem :wink:

Seems it doesn’t load the tinycp config, just default debian … Tried on Debian 9.

Hmm…might wanna post this issue on their forums then. Still, sounds a bit buggy then? Thanks for the feedback :wink:

Yep, probably should, maybe test on Debian 10 first. :slight_smile:

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Also tested on Debian 10 now. Seems it’s only buggy with apache, nginx works. apache2ctl shows the domain/config present, but somehow the listen statement/config ain’t read as it should.

Filed a bug at their community forum/bug reports page.

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