Thoughts of the EARN IT and LAED Acts (US)?

Hey guys,

So just recently there was the setback with the privacy shield, and now I was reading about another disturbing news.
As per Mozilla.

" The EARN IT Act was introduced in early March and in the weeks leading up to a committee vote, dozens of organizations, including Mozilla, spoke out against it. At the last moment, Graham amended it so that it empowers state lawmakers to write new rules – essentially giving 50 different states the power to regulate the internet. That version of the bill passed out of committee unanimously and will soon be before the full Senate for a vote.

Emboldened, Graham is now working to advance another bill he has introduced: the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act of 2020 (LAED Act). As the name suggests, LAED would create an encryption backdoor by mandating that platforms, operating systems, apps, and even hardware be designed with the ability to decrypt data and provide it to the government. That would mean that virtually every tech company would need to completely overhaul much of their infrastructure and products to be LESS secure .

But building a backdoor for the government will only make us all more vulnerable to attack. By undermining encryption in the name of law enforcement, our government would be weakening security for everyone. It’s an egregious attack on encryption."

What’s your take on this?


It’s shit and it needs to die. I’ve contacted my representatives. I usually don’t recommend believing the hype around bills like this, it’s not uncommon for incorrect narratives to become popular due to viral marketing attempts by people financially invested in the matter. But in this case I’d recommend buying the story.


What it would do is force every company with any sort of encryption to incorporate that division in another country. Sort of like when encryption was non-exportable back in the 90s.

I don’t understand why your government are hell bent on destroying the freedoms that all Americans hold so dear. It’s the equivalent of IKEA starting a war against furniture.

I also understand America isn’t the only country spying on its citizens, but most of the other countries aren’t founded on all these rights that they have spent decades judging everyone else in the world and arguing how America is the freedom capital while simultaneously destroying freedom in their own land. Something has seriously gone wrong recently guys.

(As I always say, I love my American friends and political stuff is difficult to discuss, especially when people are so polarised in view at the moment. I just think as an outsider it’s absolutely crazy.)

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Isn’t that exactly what they already do for years :smile:


Get the fuck out.

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NWO is on its way.

Afterwards you will see how they got there.

If this actually gets thru, I wonder how this will affect europeans.
How feasible it would be for Europe to block companies from using any US based providers. It’s crazy.

On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine that this will get thru.

Proper Encryption is the last hurdle in international or global surveillance of humans. US government in times of Corona is trying to focus on their ultimate goal while people are busy dealing with COVID.

Over-smart move by US government.

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And during holiday season, of course.

Just like Wilson agreed with the Fed on Jekyll Island during Christmas, while everyone was focussing on faith, food, presents and family.

Privacy is a fundamental human right and attacking end-to-end encryption is going to hurt a basic human right.

I wrote about it yesterday. Kindly share and comment if you like.

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I already contacted my state reps about this BS. Got a form letter response from 1, nothing from the rest.