Scam! Do not try

I am a Moderator at Web Hosting India group on Facebook and recently, a lot of Substantial proof of the Company being Fake has submerged. The matter has been reported to me 3 days ago.
The scam is being run by a person named Shubh Karan or maybe the name is also fake.


  1. Recently, I checked their Google Page. From the page, I can see that Paid Reviews were run on 20 Nov 2021 and on 17 Nov 2021 to supress bad reviews.
  2. Trustpilot and Nicelocal have verification before they are published and as we can see on them, There are many reviews about the company being a scam.
  3. A week before, the scammer(owner) asked one of my Partner(Friend) for a Trial VPS and Trial license.
  4. Suddenly, the scammer is claiming he’s got a DC in India! He is selling 24 Core CPUs at just 30$/Month. Morever, its with unlimited bandwidth!:joy: In India, Unlimited bandwidth is not a thing, at least not in this year.
  5. On Facebook, We can see its owner written CEO at Tensorblocks Pvt Ltd. I have just checked MCA(Ministry of Corporate affairs) for any registration and cannot find him.
  6. Videos of this scam available on Youtube

Why I am posting this here?
Because if the SEO of this post reaches on Google, at least, people will get awareness against these new scams.


thanks for informations

The website seems down now.

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Up Again! :roll_eyes:

Seems like down again

Is it theultrahost or theulrahost? !!!

A quick google search will pretty much show you the bad reviews. Kinda shady if you ask me.

The man behind this domain is trying hard to cheat customers by posting fake reviews. Check the fake reviews list!:joy: