The Ultimate CPanel Setup

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Long time reader… Finally decided to create an account :slight_smile:

Currently, the business I work for is using some crappy shared hosting platform to host our 20+ static host sites. I have finally convinced the boss to invest in a dedi running CPanel with various plugins (Acronis, Softaculous, Cloudlinux, Imunify360).

My question is - I am find with installing CPanel on Cloudlinux. Although im not 100% confident in configuring WHM for industry standards. Does someone have a link/documentation on the ‘Ultimate’ CPanel installation guide?

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cPanel support offers (free) setup of cPanel on your server afaik.

I don’t mind setting it up. Just a guide on the best setup I guess. Tweak settings and all :smile:

There are a lot of options one can tweak in cPanel to match one’s needs so I guess there is no silver bullet there. On the other hand, following cPanel’s and plugin vendors’ documentation and recommendations should be more than enough for a decent setup (with so much cPanel plugins around these days). Sure, you’ll definitely come across some issues but you can fix them along the way and at the end, you’ll end up with something you’re satisfied with (which may not be the ultimate setup but it’s something that works for you - and that’s enough).