The Professional Idler's Insane Server Deals Thread

Since no one else wanted to create it… Go ahead, post your insane VPS/Dedi/Colo/Shared/Reseller/whatever deals that you find around the web that don’t need their own thread but are still worth sharing.


Will start it off. If you have a BuyShared cPanel reseller account and want to try some DirectAdmin reseller plans, @Francisco is handing out 2 months of free hosting in LU or LV.

Vegas: Shopping Cart - FranTech
Luxembourg: Shopping Cart - FranTech

Monthly billing, coupon: CPANELLIKESNICKELBACK

This is still active as of like 5 mins ago, not sure when he’s cutting it off.

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It applies to users with active cPanel services IIRC. So no for me :frowning:

Ah yeah. Completely forgot about that requirement… I thought everyone had a $2/mo BuyShared reseller? lol. Edited my original post.

I’m just getting around to really playing with it this weekend. Few things that are quirky/require re-training myself on the reseller side, but the shared/single account side is pretty straightforward.


Here’s a dedicated server deal, which I posted in my offer thread but I think it’s insane enough to come here too.

The Ultimate NVME Server
Intel® Xeon® E-2134 (4-Core, 8-Thread, 3.5GHz)
480GB SSD 1.92TB NVMe (Samsung PM963)
100Mbps DDoS protected unmetered port
Only $70/month
To claim it open ticket here: drServer International LLC - tickets .


I would like to quote @angstrom’s posting from the Ball Pit here, because the offer is still valid:


@SERIESN, if I’m not mistaken you posted a deal at LET’s Cess Pit before it fell down? Something like 1TB HDD, 2 dedicated CPU for $10/month in Hetzner Germany?

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Quick Edit : Got 1 more spot available. Thank you :slight_smile:

1 TB HDD Space (HW Raid 10)
2 Dedicated E31245 @ 3.30GHz cores
1 IPv4
5 TB Bandwidth @1 Gbit
Location : Germany Hetzner DC

Downside? No Fancy control panel, you will have customized user access to your VM via proxmox panel and of course full root access. Ubuntu/Centos/Debian ISO available. If you want to use custom ISO, you will need to open a ticket.

Didn’t want to post this as a public offer because this is completely one-off and I don’t plan to officially sell anything using proxmox.

All our usual policies apply to this product as well (SLA/AUP/Refund Policy etc.).Which can be found here:

Accepted Payment Methods: Paypal and Credit/Debit Card.

If any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


I think the BuyVM DA offer only applies to resellers. I have the $5/y plan that is still on cpanel and it has enough capacity for me. Though I’m happy to switch it to DA if and when DA is offered.

yes its only for cpanel reseller

Only available for cPanel resellers in Las Vegas I guess. Couldn’t use the code even though I had a cPanel reseller in LUX.

Works fine in LU too.


Really? I got the following then I tried to apply it on a new reseller account in LU.

The promotion code you entered has been applied to your cart but no items qualify for the discount yet - please check the promotion terms

But it was two months free and no recurring discount, right? I guess I could live without that. Thanks for a great DA service though, feels good to finally be cPanel free on both servers and reseller accounts.

Oh btw. It seems like the disk usage & bandwidth limits has been switched in WHMCS. Shows that I’m using 1644%:


So this is why no one else has any free disk space :grinning:


Weird. This is what I’m seeing:


Tested again, and the code works for me if I choose monthly billing, but not on yearly as I tried when I ordered it.

@Francisco Any chance to get the discount added to my order placed last week? For future payments only of course. I tried using the coupon on yearly billing but that did not work.

There are some things you just can’t take back…


Oh well, I missed that part of the deal. Saw the coupon on LET a few weeks ago, but did not see anything about monthly billing only there. Thanks for pointing that out.

Yes but keep in mind, that sometimes people are under LIQUID like @Jarland before he created hostballs.

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I mean, some things are just over the line.