Sunday Migration

This Sunday the HostedTalk site will go down for a hardware migration. Between the hours of “I’ve been awake long enough to see straight” and “dinner time” there will be an outage for an unspecified amount of time.

All hardware is getting migrated to new hardware, everything I run has been sitting on the same hardware for too long. Well past the point of ROI.


Is it a upgrade or downgrade hw wise.

More of a sideways move. Brand new NVMe disks, 32G less memory but 64G was always overkill, we’re using 3G.


Yeah such a dedi for not so much at the end, could even be on a VPS tbh. How much traffic does the website consume per month?

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A few gigs :joy:

Also I didn’t get this migration done. I’m in my own personal hell over here trying to migrate large DA systems. I think I’ll try this one again the following Sunday.