Stripe employee accused of abusing position, caught threatening customer

Let’s say an employee of one of your payment processors signs up for your service. Then, shortly after doing so, they write to you claiming that you’re too small of a business for them to trust and ask for a refund.

In this scenario you specifically warn customers twice on signup that there are no refunds because you’re tired of people using refund requests as free trials and would rather them just not sign up. Fees exist after all, and these do amount to negative revenue (which stacks over time). Just to build some foundation for “why” you decline their request.

Then they file chargeback with their credit card stating “Product unacceptable.”

Now me, I’m thinking that after the purchase they found our account with the payment processor and used it to judge a small portion of our financials, then used whatever chargeback reason they know is statistically likely to win for them based on their inside info.

This seem shady to you or no?

Edit: Now the stripe employee has begun threatening me for working according to the policy they agreed to at signup.


How do you know the client is a employee of your payment processor.

Their email account is on a domain that lists their work and resume, and links to their social profiles.

In that case I think they should be serious disciplinary or fired as it a clear abuse of their power looking at your account just to see your income.

The employee seem like a total asshole.


I’ve got my torch and pitchfork, just tell me where and when to show up, Jar.


Sounds super sketchy to me. Do you think they signed up as a legitimate customer, or did they sign up purely to determine the payment processor account being used?

Not sure about this payment processor but at a lot of companies this type of thing (accessing internal data that does not directly relate to your job) would be grounds for immediate termination, particularly in “at will” employment states like California.

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I think they signed up as a customer, but I’m suggesting without proof that they then abused their employment to judge their actions that followed.

Now a Stripe customer is receiving threats from a Stripe employee. Nice.


RIP that poor bastard.



Which MasterCard acceptance requirement is he saying that you’re violating? I don’t think they have any rules against “no refunds”, which I think is the only thing you’re really enforcing here.

Please don’t go broke fighting this guy. I like MXRoute :frowning:


Probably that. But note that he said he’ll hire a lawyer. Means he doesn’t have one. Surely someone as serious about the internet that would be willing to spend money to clean it up would already have one, right? Because I do.


Guy walks in to mom and pop bakery.

Guy orders a bagel from said bakery.

Guy says, “Wait a second! This is a small mom and pop bakery, how do I know I won’t get food poisoning from this?.. Refund please.”

Baker says, “Sorry Sir, but you read the sign on the counter when you got your food” *gestures to the ‘No Refunds, All Sales Final’ sign*

Guy has his credit card company (which he happens to work for) reverse the purchase and threatens to sue the baker if he has a problem with it.


Sorry to hear you have to go through this experience. Keep up the good fight!



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I would look into getting a backup payment processor just in case (Braintree for example).

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I would just report him to Stripe for abuse of privilege before it goes any further. Whether they will sweep it under the rug or not who knows, but I doubt they tell him to have at it. He’ll probably slither away after that…


This is primarily a response to my initial accusation against the employee, the threatening email was the secondary additional piece.