Storage Hosting Control Panels Solutions?

I am planning to start Storage Hosting solutions and I could find TrueNAS SCALE. The problem is its too good but does not have user limits and is not built for provisioning customers. The obvious term is “NAS”. Anyone who can suggest a good control panel or software? Also, preety same like Hetzner Storage box and OVH Backup space.

Have you looked at OpenMediaVault? I feel like it might be a good one.

The problem is still the limits. I searched everywhere but cannot find a place where its written “User Limits” in terms of storage. I am currently planning to sell 3.5$/TB/Month as I have a 24TB Storage server but cannot find any relevant control panels.

Another thought. Seedboxes. This is a common business spin up and it does involve user limits. Maybe a stripped down version of something like