Still running cPanel and SpamAssassin? Let me make your life a little better

I finally got around to automating the conversion of our constantly changing rspamd rules to SpamAssassin, and if you’re interested in keeping your server up to date with our anti-spam filters all you need to do is run this:

This assumes that you set your server to globally reject email that scores a 10 or higher with SpamAssassin, and works best when paired with our RBL:

I spend all of this time auditing logs and taking reports from customers to fine tune our spam filters, it only makes sense that others should benefit. Side bonus, the more servers using my work = the more trouble spammers have reaching their recipients, and that pleases me to no end.


That’s quite a cool list of gen spam subjects!

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I started parsing them from compromised account events, tossed them in there just as a middle finger to a spammer that has been targeting MXroute customers specifically (ones reusing passwords that are in database dumps).

This has been updated to now be in line with our Rspamd rules, using automation to convert the rules over and keep updated.