Steps to know high load average in vps

Any body kindly tell me steps to troubleshoot my vps high load average reason?


A few years ago I asked bobcare to help with a server I had a terrible experience so I decided to learn by myself :slight_smile:

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I typically just use top (or htop if you want it to look pretty) to discover any processes that are using a lot of CPU time. If the load is high and there’s not much CPU activity, then it’s probably something hammering the disk – use iotop to discover what processes are causing the high I/O activity.

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My problem seems to be Mysql .

Do you have experience with mysql tunner?

DB optimization is a whole different ballgame. Not much experience personally

Do ordinary server management companies provide db optimization as well?

It would depend on the company. We do some optimisations for our clients, mainly tweaking the MySQL/MariaDB config rather than actually changing changing DB structure - although sometimes it’s just a case of inspecting indexes. is a good tool - but it might be better to check the indexes on the database if there’s a lot of data to be searched.


I wouldn’t spend too much on optimizing MySQL. The biggest need for optimization of the service comes in running out of resources, but if you have applications hammering their databases that isn’t really going to slow down much by tweaking the service. More likely you have a website that needs static page caching. The steps to accomplish that vary wildly by app, but if you google “appname + caching” you might get some good hits.

Glad to see someone bringing up Tecmint. Lots of useful info there. Has served me well :wink:

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