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Hi! With the regular shared hosting DA/cPanel & Softaculous, is there a feasible alternative to Webnode? (As in a n00b/non-techie friendly website builder?)
I tried one a while back, but it was just a frontend for some paid subscription thingie.

I guess I could setup something in Divi&WP or something, but it’s a bit overkill for this customer’s simple needs. (They’re considering moving hosting from Webnode to my company.) :smiling_face:

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Just a regular WordPress install, then? :slight_smile: Using WordPress for nom-techie people is probably one of your best bets. There’s a reason why it’s spread so widely :slight_smile: You could also check out @vyas and my article on pagebuilders over at the blog on LES

Weebly ? Wix ? Google Sites :blush:

Those aren’t going to work here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would love to find a self hosted solution like Wix between. And yeah divi… idk…

I’ve been self-hosting Architect for a while. Maybe that’s smth for you?

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Mhmm so it’s 195$ per website?

What is? Architect is 59$.

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Wait i think i can’t read shit simply. I was looking at the extended license

Yeah, I think this only applies if you were to sell Architect themselves. I was offering my self hosted version as a free service where ppl could sign up and create websites and it was not an issue. I asked the owner on Codecanyon:

So one Regular license was enough for X number of websites created on a free SaaS. Surely you can create more than one website with it without needing another license.

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Ah I see very interesting. Well I need to give a look at it but as I am using my budget to test out things I need to wait for the 25 to get the pay again :joy: but thanks a lot for the heads up

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Yeah. I think the “end product” ppl are charged for only means I was to sell a website where other ppl could create websites using a modified version of Architect. There should not be any problem whatsoever when it comes to websites created with the tool.

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Yeah i see very intressting i gonna check it out. Does it generate an HTML/CSS/JS and all the blalal when you do the website at the end?

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Yes. You can also directly publish it to some FTP destination or on

Well maintained? Will client be able to edit their 4 different websites (different domains) with your one self-hosted instance?

I bought it years ago on Codecanyon and it’s still being updated, so cant complain tbh. They can create any website they want with HTML builder, yes. You can also add templates. Can’t remeber if they can import their HTML websites but I guess if it’s imported as a template it’d work :slight_smile:


Mobirise is also great, just not SaaS if thats what youd want. Check out my Mobirise review :slight_smile:

What’s people’s thoughts about sitepad?

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works decent. does what it needs todo but no store options.