So… MaxCDN is now StackPath.
Any of you using them?

Did you just realize this?

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ooops… haha
Yeah, I never noticed before.

I dont have experience with them, but I’ve read online that they are good, but pricey.
I’m using BunnyCDN, well, because they are cheaper and I got $10 free on credits there.

Used stackpath for their secure services and was not impressed. Has multiple issues where their services were down and they didn’t acknowledge it. They had/have some weird routing, all my usa traffic was forced through japan. I explained this to them and they didn’t see a problem. Honestly, useless imho. This is all within the last 6-12 months.

Going to Asia and coming back? I don’t see a better route.

Forgot to mention their japan node was not working when this happened… D’oh! Maybe it’s better now, but at the time it was not worth the cost.

I still use it for some of my projects (albeit not for new ones) because the support was pretty outstanding. I’m on an old custom PAYG plan (I loaded a bunch of $ through a promotion they had) so I think that my credit will last for another loooong while.

Apart from the support, I wouldn’t go with them for speed. I’d definitely go with someone like BunnyCDN.

StackPath is founded by the same guy who founded Softlayer, Lance Crosby. They seem to be gobbling up CDNs as they go. Was not aware they acquired MaxCDN but I I’d know they bought HighWinds a year or so ago. I believe their unltimate goal is something like Cloudflare + Akamai.